These files were left to me (Tani Jantsang) a very long time ago and I felt that I should put them up here so people can read it. I was asked about it by a few people in SR. It’s good, very good. It was all once on the website of Temple of Lylyth (Michelet Satanism) but has been long gone. Luckily Kaiden gave me these files! There was a pending table of contents and the files that I have put here. It appears as if he had a book planned, "Book of the Black Flame".


This book is not a Bible. We do not hold this book to be Sacred. It is ink on paper. The words within it are only as powerful as your own ability to grasp them and make them yours. This book cannot change your life - only you can do that.

May Lylyth always guide you.
Kaiden Fox
July 7, 2001

"Et In Arcadia Ego" (And in Arcadia, I too)


Credo - Twain's Creed (Modified).

NOTE: Since nobody ever recorded or saved this, or perhaps Kaiden never wrote it, we have no idea what Kaiden wanted to say or what he wanted to modify. So, here is Mark Twain and things he said here:



Credo - Nine Sat-Tanic Postulates (from Satanic Reds) here


Credo - Nine Lylythian Postulates:

1. Lylyth represents beauty rather than ugliness

2. Lylyth represents living life fully, rather than crab-walking through one's existence

3. Lylyth represents generative force, rather than sterility

4. Lylyth represents alternatives, rather than opposition

5. Lylyth represents joy, rather than suffering

6. Lylyth represents freedom, rather than slavery

7. Lylyth represents honesty in all things, rather than hiding from uncomfortable truths

8. Lylyth represents the perfect union of thought and instinct, rather than internal opposition between intellect and desire

9. Lylyth is the Force that Binds Together and Animates all things in the Cosmos

INTRODUCTION (2001 or earlier)

Nothing in this book is very original. Satanism, as a literary movement, has been around for centuries. As an actual public religion, it has been around for decades. Wicca, a toned-down version of the pre-Christian religion of the British Isles, has been around since Gerald B. Gardner and Aliester Crowley fabricated it in 1951. Michelet, ("Satanism and Witchcraft", 1862, however, is a lot earlier as is the Gospel of Aradia which can be read here:
Note that this is on the SR site; it is the entire Gospel and it is long.

Yet, somehow, when I tell people of the Temple of Lylyth, they go inside themselves and find reasons why they want to join. The Archetype of Lylyth resonates with so many people, because we need Her.

Although America is a place on the verge of true equality between the two sexes of humanity [2021 update, more than just 2, and equality? meh, not so much], we are the inheritors of a tradition of Patriarchy. Far more than the mere elevation of things male and masculine, the last ten thousand years of our history have been a degeneration of all things female and feminine, both literally and symbolically. As below, so above - the Mother Goddess has denigrated first to wife and whore, then to perpetual virgin and then to … nothing.

Yet, the Goddess is part of us, part of who we are on a primal, atavistic level. Until cloning is perfected and the Sethians have no more need of woman, we are all imprinted from before our births to know that our mother is our source of life and safety - the Life Giver.

When we are denied this primal reality, it will still push through. The loving womb becomes the jaws of death. The milk becomes blood. The nightmare emerges, demanding attention, demanding we acknowledge the TRUTH. This nightmare version of the Goddess, seeking to destroy the lies we hold as part of ourselves, comes rushing at us from the darkest corners of our dreaming psyches. Paradoxically, this destructive force has the power to heal, if you will let go of your lies. Over the centuries, we have given many names. The Eurines, Kali, Durga, Nemesis, the Morigan… these Goddesses of destruction break through the walls of our egos in order to find our true, authentic selves. And, if there is nothing there behind that wall, than there will be nothing left.

It is in Lylyth that we find what we have been denied, and what we will never deny ourselves. In nightmare, we wake up from nightmare. Fear, pain, doubt… these are left behind as we embrace our true, authentic selves. We become the scions of intelligence, indulgence and individuality we were born to be.

My hope, as you continue to read this book and make it part of yourself, is that I am able to show you something of yourself, and of the universe outside yourself. If this book is my own masturbation, then I have failed utterly in communicating anything profound. I believe, though, that this book will help you discover and enhance that Black Flame that burns within you. The Black Flame is the deepest, truest manifestation of the Goddess. The Black Flame is you.

Burn Brightly.
Kaiden Fox,
Temple of Lylyth


Some would question a need for theology in any religion, and especially in a magical/Shamanic religion like our own, that places emphasis primarily on experience and action. Theology, though, is the treasure chest of truth that separates a religion from a hobby.

The following chapters are very basic outlines. The reader is either assumed to be highly interested, in which case they would have already read (and perhaps wrote) volumes of the subject (to which I cannot do justice), or they are simply seeking to discover the essential nature of Lylythian beliefs - in which case it is my hope that I am not too long winded. I have attempted to keep each of the following nine chapters under ten pages in length, while presenting a maximum of information.

The order I have presented these in is one that I hope will make the most sense. The different part of Lylythian theology all support one another, and make up a unified whole.


"Thy mercy and compassion hath been made manifest unto those who hath completed the seventh circuit of life, death, and life again, and whom thou hast specifically chosen to open thy jeweled gates of knowledge. Thou hast touched the souls of some few women and men with the spark of primeval recognition at this, the beginning of the age. These few proclaim thee as the Everlasting and Transcendent Goddess of all things! These few declare, testify, and bear witness that this planet is as one nation, and that its peoples are all thy children from before all beginnings unto beyond all endings!" Sybil Leek, "Invocation for Unity of Spirit"

Formal Definition: the study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity

Informal Definition: How we know what we know.

I'm starting the section on Theology with Epistemology because, simply put, everything else I'm going to talk about begs the question "how do you know?" Epistemology deals with how we know.

Lylythian Diabolism holds that all things are known through the flesh. Our theology is not founded on logic or on reason, but on experience. This is not to say that we are not logical, reasonable creatures. As humans, our ability to think is first rate. However, any false or partly true set of premises, taken to their logical conclusion, is an accurate approximation of insanity.

One rather famous example is as follows:

Marcy is an Elephant.
All Elephants are bright pink, unless they are albino.
Marcy is not albino.
Therefore, Marcy is bright pink.

While perfectly logical, elephants are not pink. One problem that faces men and women of faith is that faith is by definition believing things one has not directly experienced. Faith is by no means the enemy of logic, but faith can be an impediment to truth. Therefore, the path to Truth is not thinking, or feeling, but rather knowing through direct experience. Logic alone, without direct experience, is what leads people into believing in the religious equivalent of "pink elephants."

The obvious question is how do we base a theology through the perceptions of the flesh, when the human senses are not only fallible, but also not evolved to perceive reality? Human senses were evolved for survival. Our "creator" is the world we were forced to adapt to, along with the random chance inherent in biological life. The constant stream of neutrinos pouring through our bodies has about as much impact on our survival as the equally invisible host of angels and demons of medieval Christian theology. (Considering that people actually died from consorting with these non-existent demons, one could argue that neutrinos are less important to human survival than said demons).

If all things are known through the flesh, then is it possible to know a neutrino in this way? Well, let's talk about our beliefs. We believe nature is solid, and time a constant. Matter has substance, and time a direction. There is truth in flesh and the solid ground. The wind may be invisible, but it's real. Smoke, fire, water, light -- they're different! They are not solid like steel or stone, but they are tangible. And we assume time is an arrow because it is as a clock -- one second is one second for everyone! Cause precedes effect -- fruit rots, water flows downstream. We're born, we age, we die. The reverse NEVER happens. This is what most people intuitively believe.

None of this is true! Say goodbye to classical reality, because our logic collapses on the subatomic level ... into ghosts and shadows. Most educated people are able to accept this, because although they cannot be shown this directly, those who accept that the universe is mathematical in nature must accept what has been mathematically proven, however contrary to "common sense."

If we accept that there is nothing that is not knowable through our flesh, then can we actually prove the existence of a neutrino to ourselves with something more than math? I have never personally experienced anything that I could classify as a neutrino. While I cannot say with any certainty if this is possible or not, I will state now that it is because my level of awareness is not high enough to perceive it. Let's talk about so-called "levels of awareness" because they are an important concept in Lylythian Epistemology.

These are more properly thought of as "circuits." "Levels" has a very Right-Hand Path Authoritarian/Patriarchal connotation. While it is true that one circuit usually precedes another, it is not always so, especially with the extra-terrestrial circuits. Psychologist Timothy Leary first codified the Eight Circuit model, although the idea of the different states is far older. Dr. Leary has spent a great deal of his life, much like Carl Jung, Richard Bandler or William Reich, into codifying the mystical into terms that the Western Scientific mindset can grasp.

For the sake of brevity, I am primarily discussing these circuits as they relate to human beings. This is not because I have any prejudice for or against human beings, but simply because I am assuming the reader will be human. The circuits become more unrecognizable the further we move from our own genome. Zoologist Desmond Morris pointed out how much of human behavior has clear and direct analogs to the behavior of other primates. However, the behavior of an octopus shows an intelligence, but one alien to our standards. Applying these circuits to non-humans is a risk.

Bio-Survival Circuit
The first circuit a human being is going to experience is the "eat it or flee from it" circuit, which has been part of our psyche since before our human ancestors were even vertebrates. The Bio-Survival Circuit divides the world into Good and Bad. Good things are, to a human, caring, nurturing, and/or edible, and aid survival. Bad things are hostile, violent, and/or poisonous. This circuit contains "memories" which create approach/avoidance behaviors. Some of these memories are pre-programmed from before birth, like "Breasts have food, suck on breast." Others are programmed from experience, for example a dog I once knew who refused to walk on linoleum after its previous owner severely beat her. It is the power and primacy of this circuit that creates both addictions and phobias.

Emotional/Territorial Circuit
Around the age of two, this circuit comes into play in human beings. The ability to walk triggers it, and the child is transformed from a relatively passive infant to a much more aggressive toddler. Imagine telling an adult, "you're behaving like a toddler," and you have a good idea of how this circuit manifests in humans. A person in the Second-Circuit has physical (and psychological) demands for territory. Whatever imprints this circuit is likely to remain with the individual for his or her lifecycle, unless somehow brainwashed. This imprint will trigger either aggressive and dominant behavior or submissive and cooperative behavior. For most people, this means obedience to parental models, which are often mimicked by religions, governments, and corporations.

In normal people (meaning normal in relation to animal life, and not to the culture they happen to be in), the emotional circuit integrates with the other circuits as part of a unified whole. However, due to the human propensity for self-awareness, this circuit can "take over" and control the others. Because this circuit handles the responsibility of "territory," it considers the other circuits to be its territory, and itself to be "me." This is isn't so much "ego" in the Freudian sense (that is more of an illusion of the Third Circuit), as it is unbridled id controlling the person.

Dexterity-Symbolism Circuit
Some people would argue that it is this third circuit that separates primates from other animals. It is the product of the linear processes of the left hemisphere. The Third-Circuit controls both artifacts and conceptual thought, and is primarily concerned with language. You know that a child has activated this circuit when they start playing the "WHY?" game. A child at this circuit wants to know the name of everything, and the cause/effect relationship it has with the universe. Memory makes a qualitative leap in humans. If you were to mentally go back and look at your earliest memory, this is would be the point at which the third circuit completely activated. In most people, this is somewhere between the age of two and the age of four. This circuit appears to become completely locked between the ages of six and seven. This is why the Catholics say, "Give me the first six years of a child, and I will have them for life." While more information is always available, the patterns by which this information is processed appear to be fixed in early childhood. This is not bizarre, when one considers that a one-year-old cat is fully mature.

This circuit also contains emotions, but they are manifestly different from the emotions of the territorial Second Circuit. These can be "positive" emotions, such as fascination, admiration, or respect. Alternatively, these can be negative emotions such as hatred… not the immediate rage of the second circuit, but a more calculated desire for revenge.

Damage to this circuit creates the Klippoth, a cruel and calculating being driven by the damage done to their cognitive circuits early on. The damage manifests in the "inhuman" behaviors of these individuals.

More information on Klippothic states is available in chapter eight. (If this chapter is not here, much can be found either in the book "The Dark Doctrines" or on www.satanicreds.org

Social-Sexual Circuit
Now, if one happens to become a Klippoth as a child, it's not too late to break out of that state. The reason is that in the life cycle of a human being, there comes a powerful Awakening as the body and mind are transformed from a relatively androgynous child to a sexually capable adult.

This circuit is one of the reasons why thinking of this in terms of levels simply will not work. The first three circuits can use the fourth for their own reasons. (If you were to draw a diagram, this would look like Yesod, connected to Malkuth, Hod and Netzach, and of course branching upwards to Tipereth. More on this next chapter). When the First Circuit uses the Fourth Circuit, it is a simple "I am horny," where the First Circuit simply wants satisfaction. The Second Circuit uses sex as territory, for that is what the Second Circuit understands. Second-Circuit sexuality is the need to control/possess the bodies of others. While Second-Circuit sex is not necessarily rape in the legal sense of the use of force or the threat of force to obtain sex, it is emotional equivalent of rape in the sense of being controlled by another human being for sexual purposes. Third Circuit sexuality is what most people would define as mature sexuality. It is the use of the reasonable parts of the psyche to logically determine the proper course of action. However, sexuality is so twisted in most of the Western world that there really is no useful information for the third-circuit to grasp. In the West, everything sexual is covered with a layer of filth and perversion.

While the awakening of the Fourth Circuit does provide a chance to break out of Klipothic conditioning imposed in childhood, it does not always work that way. The fourth circuit can become damaged through the misuse of this sexual energy. Most of the time, this happens when the Anal-Territorial Second Circuit turns sex into a form of conflict. It scars all sexual interactions with hurt and viciousness. This breeds conflict between the perceptions of the First Circuit "Orgasm feels wonderful, anything that feels wonderful must be good" and the perceptions of the Third Circuit, "Sex is psychologically harmful, potentially deadly, and runs the risk of producing a huge economic burden, and is therefore bad." This creates messed-up human beings, at conflict with themselves.

A person who has activated and experienced the Fourth Circuit of awareness, and not allowed this circuit to be hijacked by one of the others, is essentially a "fully realized human being."

The reason that this is the social-sexual circuit, and not just the sexual circuit, has something to do with the nature of how our minds work. While this may seem a huge insult to children: without sexual drive, humans are little more than selfish automatons. If our Second Circuit Id and Third Circuit Ego are the only things driving us, we may have emotion but not genuine FEELINGS. Without a normal flow of sexual energy (which is something more esoteric than having sex on a regular basis), we become something less than human, and behave in inhuman ways. We lose touch not only with our own natures, but all of nature as well. A healthy society can only come from individuals with a healthy fourth circuit. A diseased society, it follows, comes from individuals with damaged fourth circuits. The problem is that the fourth circuit is also what gives us knowledge of the fourth dimension (Time). Society is that part of the human experience that can transcend the lifetime of a single individual. As such, a diseased society can breed warped individuals, incapable of grasping the "big picture." Without a true sense of Time, the individual is unable to make plans that will benefit him or her in the long term. See the monograph "Convalescence from Christianity" by Wayne Hill and Tani Jantsang for more details (www.satanshop.com - under Books and Magazine, Dark Doctrines).

Neurosomatic Circuit
Psychohistorians have traced this circuit back to around 4,000 years ago, although it is the personal belief of this author that pre-agricultural civilizations in all probability contained a high degree of Fifth Circuit humans. It is only when one has abundant leisure that one can activate this circuit. The average person of the Paleolithic era spent somewhere around three hours a day actually working, including the gathering and preparation of food. The most dramatic aspect of this circuit, and why the first four circuits are considered terrestrial in relationship to this one and the three that succeed it, is that it frees one from the compulsion of the first four circuits.

Modern psychologists have used the electroencephalogram machine in an attempt to map the mind while on this circuit. It represents a leap from the left hemisphere (analytical thought) to a primacy of the right hemisphere (analogical thought). This circuit has always been the goal of Theurgists, who see it as the first step at achieving the Godlike Awareness that marks the complete and total Epistemological Enlightenment of truly KNOWING things through the flesh. In practice, it is most often achieved by members of the aforementioned "leisure class" because they have already secured the concerns of the first four circuits.

To demonstrate the difference between analytical and analogical thought, consider a detective trying to solve a murder. Analytical is deductive reasoning, where the detective considers the facts and comes up with a computation of who is responsible. Analogical is what a detective is using when he looks at a list of suspects in a crime and KNOWS, "This person, not the others, is the one who did it." It is the "hunch" of the brain working faster then logical third-brain analysis would allow. While hunches can be wrong, so can deductions. Both are dependant on the initial conditions (facts).

As a side note, this is why the Temple of Lylyth frowns upon traditional occultism. The unemployed man who casts a spell to get a job is unlikely to succeed, simply because it is impossible to be in the right frame of mind when one is concerned with physical survival.

Fifth-Circuit Consciousness is typified by a state of hyper-emperia. Colors seem more vivid, sound more clear, music euphoric, and the body generally takes on a "floating" feeling. In general, this state is only achieved after meditation techniques. However, it should be noted that one of the reasons this is considered "extra-terrestrial" is that free-fall will trigger this, which is why 85% of those who have entered true zero-gravity states have reported the states of rapture typical of this circuit. Activities that can simulate this free-fall, such as skydiving, surfing, Tantrik yoga, etc., can activate this circuit as well.

The term for this circuit, Neurosomatic, comes from the words for "mind" and "body." At this circuit of awareness, the mind becomes extremely self-aware of itself as something more than a "mind." Consciousness at this level has the ability to perceive itself as the interactions of the nervous system. As such, the sense of selfhood is reflected to every nerve of the body. Not just one's brain, but also the spine and the axons, become the seats of consciousness. The ability to "think" becomes not just the job of the prefrontal cortex, of even of the brain itself, but the spine as well and - in some cases - the nerves of the limbs and digits.

There is a phenomenon known as "blind sight." (See "The Emperor's New Mind,” by Roger Penrose). This happens when certain parts of the brain are damaged, which create a blind spot. However, when an object is placed into the blind spot and the subject asked to guess, the guesses turn out to be near 100% accuracy. Fifth Circuit awareness is the ability to do something much the same with a healthy, undamaged brain. It is the ability to bypass normal channels of epistemological processing and simply know.

A word of warning, it is very possible to confuse later states of consciousness with earlier states. For example, someone who has his or her first circuit over-activated may be quite capable of making quick and accurate deductions and decisions without the use of language (something normally seen as Fifth or Sixth circuit). However, they would be relying more on instinct then on thought, as we understand it. In order words, they would in no way be said to be processing complex data. The essential difference is that while the later circuits seem to be more internal, they have a greater external application. This is, unfortunately, something only truly explainable to those who have operated within these circuits.

The NeuroElectric Circuit
If you ever achieve Sixth-Circuit Consciousness, you are a "fully realized Lylythian." The realization of the Sixth-Circuit is something nearly impossible to put into terms that even Fifth-Circuit humans can understand.

Sixth Circuit awareness is something akin to suddenly becoming aware of being inside of Plato's allegorical cave. A person experiencing Sixth Circuit awareness is mentally free from the impositions of the first four "terrestrial" circuits, as well as the bliss-producing fifth. Within this circuit, one can look both at one's own "reality tunnel" and others. You can clearly see that "the map is not the territory," and this allows you to see the "maps" of others. Seeing something from the point of view of another person is no longer a chore, but rather a hobby. Thought speeds up, because at this level it becomes "paraliminal." What you're doing right now is an excellent example of third-circuit awareness. You are taking the symbols printed on this paper and you are sucking the meaning from it using verbal processing. The Sixth-Circuit allows one to think about very abstract things without needing to resort to words. Thought processing in this way does not so much bypass the linguistic areas of the brain. Rather, it appears to wire them directly to the limbic system, the oldest part (in terms of evolution) of our brain.

At this stage of awareness, two "contradictory" perceptions become self-evident. One is the deterministic nature of everything. If we were to shuffle a deck of cards mechanically for a full minute, and then deal out these cards, the odds of the cards being in the exact order that they actually fall in is very small, very small indeed. Yet, it has happened, and upon having happened, one will realize that it could not have been any other way. Yet, one also realizes that the act of shuffling is something one made a conscious choice to do or not do. Essentially, to stretch the metaphor, your life is a deck of cards. If I were to tell you five years ago a mere fraction of the things that would happen to you today, you would probably think me insane. Yet, these things have happened.

This level of awareness is truly Theurgic. To recap the first five circuits, we have

I. Awareness of self as alive – the will to live
II. Awareness of desire within self – the will to have
III. Awareness of self in relation to others – the will to communicate
IV. Awareness of self in relation to society – the will to copulate
V. Awareness of self in relation to mind and body – the will to joy

The first five circuits are all awareness of self as matter. (The first perhaps less so). The sixth is awareness of self as a process. While the Fourth Circuit gives a temporal nature to the individual (if you are willing to breed a new life form to replace yourself, then you are willing to be replaced), the Sixth Circuit gives awareness of oneself as a verb, rather than a noun. It is only when this is actually, carnally known that the higher acts of magic become possible. It is not enough just to believe this (Third Circuit) or believe it with all your heart (Second and Third Circuit working in tandem). You have to be it. My hands can type this paragraph, not because I believe I have hands, but rather because I have experienced my hands.

The Cellular Circuit
At the Seventh Circuit, one becomes aware of oneself at a cellular level. Philosophers who accept the model laid out here often believe that at this level, immortality becomes something realizable. After all, if one can exercise personal choice and conscious will at the cellular level, then at least theoretically one can choose not to have the cellular processes activate the self-destruct mechanism that tells us that our time is up.

This is patently absurd. You simply cannot tell your cells not to die. The only cells that exist within the human body, and are immortal, are cancer cells. Anyone who believes that this level of awareness produces immortals is not only biologically ignorant, but also enslaved by the First-Circuit need to avoid death.

By the time the Seventh Circuit is activated, fear of death no longer exists. It can be understood as the behavior of the First Circuit, and not as an essential part of oneself. The awareness of the constant death and rebirth of cellular material makes one's own death more like going to sleep. Far worse is the fear of being hideously mangled.

What we know about the Seventh Circuit, from people who have experienced it, is that it is a conscious perception of the DNA/RNA "dialog" within the cell. It allows the person access to stored genetic memory, making one essentially aware of one's "past lives." This circuit of awareness seems to allow great insights into the nature of living matter, as evidenced by luminaries such as George Washington Carver and Trofim Lysenko: people said to have had "green thumbs."

The real question is if this awareness if cybernetic in nature, thus allowing one conscious feedback into the shaping of one's DNA, or if it is simply the understanding of what is happening on the inside of one's cells. Those who fall into the "we can live forever" camp usually believe that the instrument of Seventh Circuit awareness is somehow the DNA itself. While the Eighth-Circuit (atomic awareness) hints at the ability of molecular matter being somehow self-aware, it is not DNA that has "awareness" at the cellular level. This is one of the innate truths of the Sixth circuit – when one frees awareness from simply the physical structure of the neurons themselves and realizes the wholeness of self is something more. I remember learning in the fifth grade that the "brain" of a cell was the nucleus. This should be taken more as a statement of the thought-processes of the textbook writer than as an actual fact. The comparison was something along the lines of, "the brain is important, the body is just a container, just as the nucleus of the cell is important, and the rest of the cell is just a container."

My personal opinion on the mechanism of cellular conscious is that the organelles most likely to function as "cellular minds" are a part of the cytoskeleton known as the microtubule. The most direct evidence is the role of the centrosome in the cell. To refresh on high-school biology, the centrosome is the part of the cell that initiates division between the two pairs of chromosomes, in preparation for the division and duplication of the cell itself. This structure is composed of two bundles of microtubules (and other connecting substances) put together like a letter T. The centrosome is sensitive to infrared light, and accurate at pinpointing the direction. It serves as a sort of "eye" of the cell. Does this mean that something more than pure chemical reaction is responsible for the movements of cells? If it does, then we have found an organelle within every cell capable of information processing. Even more convincing is the acute difference the microtubules of most cells, and that of the neuron. Within most human cells, the microtubules are largely there for structure and ion transport. They is very flexible, with the ability to grow and shrink as needed (an actual polymerization and depolymerization of the microtubule itself, not just contraction like unto a spring). In neurons, however, the microtubules are not only more abundant, but they are also more rigid and stable. Also, in non-neural cells, the microtubules are arranged radially and near to the nucleus and centrosome. In neurons, the microtubules take on a parallel structure, and tend to line up along the axons and dendrites.

Convincing evidence for the microtubule as a sort of "quantum computer" is seen with the introduction of the drug colchicine, a substance used in the treatment of gout. While perfectly harmless when used properly, it does have the side effect of depolymerizing microtubules. In humans and other animals with gout, this colchicine never crosses the blood-brain barrier. However, researchers who have injected this substance directly into the brains of rats note that they enter into a state of dementia not unlike Alzheimer's syndrome in humans. Alzheimer's itself is linked to the depolymerization of neural microtubules.

Since we are talking about cells, and any number of things (from invading organisms to environmental toxins) can attack cells, one thing should be noted about psychosomatic diseases. Somewhere around the Fifth and Sixth circuits, the belief in the permanence of disease radically disappears. One's body itself no longer "holds onto" patterns of illness. This should not be confused with any Christian-Science religion's notion that all disease is of a psychic nature, and sheer willpower is all that is needed to overcome a disease. Disease is real, and viri and bacteria have operated on the Seventh Circuit level for millennia. Rather, think of it this way: the cells that make up our skin are totally new every thirty days. Given this truth, why do scars take so much longer to heal? The argument from the Seventh-Circuit is that the cells of the scar remember their condition, and pass on this memory to new cells. That hypnosis can reduce and eliminate scaring is evidence that some mechanism of the mind is able to tell these cells of another way to grow - into perfect skin rather than scarred skin.

The cells of an individual do have some level of awareness. Nothing that we could define as intelligence, but they are able to respond to their environment, and can change in order to survive. This means the cell is actually communicating, to some extent, in response to its surroundings. Seventh Circuit awareness implies a certain ability to let the cells know that the scar is no longer needed. Conversely, at this level of awareness, vanity is no longer a concern. Form follows function, and function becomes the only true test of form.

The Neuro-Atomic Circuit
Most people will never be able to activate the Eighth Circuit, due to prevalent conditioning that we view ourselves as consciousness inhabiting matter. Even those who think they believe in such material things as brains, rather than souls, still see the brain as somehow "them" and the rest of the body as somehow "the body." Neuro-Atomic consciousness is the profound realization of the obvious truth (obvious at the activation of this circuit, at any rate) that we are conscious matter. This means that every part of us is in fact us, including the very atoms that make up our beings. We may even be aware of the above mentioned neutrino, but only if it interacts with one or more of our atoms.

David Bohm (1917-94) believed that an invisible "field" of information holds all reality in place. This "wholeness," while not widely accepted, has the essence of awareness to it, in that it "knows" what is happening everywhere simultaneously. This is something like a hologram, where every part contains the whole, in some sense. If any part of the hologram is illuminated, the whole image becomes visible. Reality, in Bohm's principle, was much the same. Within each cell, each atom, each subatomic particle, there is the essence of the universe. (More on this in the next chapter).

Because of this knowledge, those who achieve this circuit of consciousness have an innate awareness of how they came into being. Not simply as life forms, but as matter itself.

An alternative explanation is that consciousness is not based on matter, but rather on the impressions that matter leaves on space. Einstein showed, in what is the most demonstrably accurate physical theory ever, that all mass creates a curve in space-time that accounts for gravity. On scales where one would assume gravity is unimportant, the effect of curvature still takes place. One of the more bizarre truths of quantum physics is "quantum superposition." This means that something can be in two places at once, and in fact is in two places at once until Objective Reduction causes the matter to occupy a single space. When matter is in two places at once, the space-time is curved in two directions at once, creating a sort of "bubble" in the fabric of space-time. The individual tubulin protein of the microtubule is small enough to exist in a superposition state for a brief time, before collapsing into "either/or" reality of being in either one state of another. Rather than awareness stemming from the cause of the mass (matter), Eighth Circuit awareness may stem from the result of the mass (space-time curvature). If this is true, and the evidence does seem to support it, then consciousness is a fundamental part of the universe. (Paradoxically, in this sense, we actually are consciousness inhabiting matter, but not the way that most people would think).

The Oblivion Circuit
As exotic as the Eighth Circuit is, we were still dealing with the cosmos as we understand it. Those who have studied the function and movement of photons note that photons seem to weave in and out of this understandable cosmos. The photons weave in and out of what has been termed the "Absolute Elsewhere," (or Mychos as the Pythagoreans called it). In Lylythian terms, the "place that is not a place" that they move through is Oblivion.

When one has the Ninth Circuit, one can "follow" one's Kundalini flow into the Absolute Elsewhere. This is dangerous, even for those who are already comfortable with the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial circuits. This circuit is neither terrestrial nor extra-terrestrial. Rather, the ninth circuit is transcendental, as it involves the flowing of consciousness into something other than what we would call "the universe" and then back into it. People who achieve this circuit usually are either born with the ability (and thus manifest it as a child, often shocking the parents in the process - especially if they are not in a culture that has the ability to recognize this). Those who learn it as adults have the disadvantage of having an illusion that one is only conscious matter. If they cannot lose this illusion, then flowing into a place where matter was not meant to be can destroy them.

Essentially, it can be inferred from the very existence of this circuit of awareness that the essence of a person's being is something that is not bound by time, space, or matter, but rather something entirely outside of it. (Mathematician Sir Roger Penrose argues for something along these lines in his work "Shadows of the Mind"). It may also interest you that those who have had the experience of ninth-level consciousness have an awakening of a memory that can only be described as the generation of the universe. When explaining this to concerned onlookers, they often draw diagrams that resemble the Kabalistic Tree of Life.

This is leads us naturally to our next chapter, which is on the generation of the universe.


"All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the Illuminati...all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols."
--Albert Pike, Morals and Dogmas

Formal Definition: 1: the creation or origin of the world or universe
2: a theory of the origin of the universe

Informal Definition: How did all this get here?

In this chapter, we will discuss how the universe came into being

As noted in the last chapter, those who have gone through the Oblivion Circuit come back with diagrams that look very much like the Tree of Life. While I prefer to use English words for as many concepts as possible, when dealing with the Tree of Life, English can only form an approximation of the concepts we are dealing with. For example, Tiphareth may translate itself into the English word "Beauty," but we are not talking about "Beauty" as in a beautiful sunset or a beautiful person or a beautiful meal; we are talking about Tiphareth. Rather than use a plethora of confusing metaphorical language, I'm going to use Hebrew transliterations.

I'm also going to mention something here for people who believe themselves to be on the Left-Hand Path (as opposed to those who really are). Unfortunately, most of the published works on the Kabalah are either from the Judaic mystery tradition, or by Christian ceremonial magicians. Wiccans generally avoid Kabalistic matters as being something "Not Ours." Much worse are those who consider themselves “Satanists”, who attempt to harness the powers of the Husks (Klipa). While I am getting ahead of myself here, the Husks are fragments left over from the creation of our universe. As such, they are things that are not meant to be in our universe. While I may be a little teleological here, the essential truth of the matter is that things that do not belong in our universe should stay out of our universe. These "Klippothic Magi" are buying into the Christian game (which the Christians aren't even playing with them) of avoiding everything true and beautiful as if it is something that they are not to touch. Instead, they embrace the "garbage" of other religions. Michelet Diabolism (i.e. the Temple of Lylyth) is not content with the dross of other religions. We embrace truth, because it is true.

Let us begin the study of the Kabalah proper, as it pertains to cosmogony, with a quick diagram. On the next page is an example of the Tree of Life, as envisioned by Kabalists. The following picture has more information than you probably need. Concentrate primarily on the layout of the Sephera (circles), the names (e.g. Kether), and the sections (Triads) they fall into.

The top section is the Supernal Triad. The relationship between this Triad and the lower seven Sephera is like that of an infant to its adult self. Just as the infant is no longer here, having become an adult, the supernal triad is no longer part of our universe. Rather, it describes what the universe was before “creation.” Lao Tze wrote in his Second “Ink Drop”: “Universe has Tao, started from nothing to be existing. Exist always exist, exist inside nothing, that's holy. Tao make one, one became two, then that's two. Two became three, which is three. Three became everything, everything is life, so from movement became changing, that changing is unlimited continuous. Exist always exist, never came back to nothing. In this world we have spiritual, so that spiritual will always go on.” [This is a very literal word-for-word translation, not taking into account English verb-forms]. In Western terms, the Ain Soph (Boundless Darkness) coalesced into Kether; Kether became Binah; and Binah became ‘Hokhmah. Now, this order (Kether, Binah, then ‘Hokhmah) is different than the widely accepted order (Kether, ‘Hokhmah, then Binah).

However, the order I present is the original order, according to Isaac Myer, a recognized authority on the Kabalah and its history within Judaism. (See Diagram below). The reason for the switch is both to confuse Christians and to appease them. Ellen Canon Reed, author of The Witch’s Qaballa, notes that Wiccan students often stop at the point of Binah proceeding from ‘Hokhmah, because it seems “unnatural” to them. The reason for this is Binah is the Mother, while ‘Hokhmah is the Father. That the Father would give rise to the Mother is a strange concept in Wicca, yet a fundamental truth in Christianity. Other systems, which also switch Binah and ‘Hokhmah, view ‘Hokhmah as the Child. How does the Mother issue from the Child? It does not.

[Notations from Jeff Gerber, Philip Marsh and Tani Jantsang.
It is all more clearly explained in The Dark Doctrines, chapter on Kabala in book.]

In The White Goddess, Robert Graves lays out the mythic yearly cycles of the early religion of the British Isles region. The general cycle, preserved in modern Wicca, involves the Great Goddess giving birth to King God, who then performs symbolic actions (including reaching adulthood and impregnating his mother), and dies at the end of the year, only to be born anew. This mythic cycle mirrors the relationship of Binah to ‘Hokhmah, where Binah gives rise to ‘Hokhmah, (the Mother births the Son),

It is difficult to describe what “reality” was like at this point, as the universe had not yet come into being. We are talking here about something that precedes space, time, matter and energy. If the Universe can be said to consist of anything, it can be said to consist of the two Pillars, upon which Binah and ‘Hokhmah sit. ‘Hokhmah sits atop the Pillar of Force. Think of this sphere as Shiva. Binah sits atop the Pillar of Form. Think of Binah as Shakti. Tantrik ontology teaches us that the entire universe is an interplay between Shiva and Shakti (Rawson, 1994). Although the spheres of Binah and ‘Hokhmah are “no more,” their place on the Left and Right paths of the Tree of Life represents, in some way, the attributes of the spheres in their columns.

The next Triad, the Middle Triad, is composed of Geburah, ‘Hessed and Tiphareth. In the diagram above, Geburah is given the name “Pa’had.” However, most occult texts will use some form of the term “Geburah.” We will refer to the fifth Sepheroth by this title. Geburah and ‘Hesed form a complementary pair. Traditionally, ‘Hesed is said to precede Geburah, but at this point “precede” is a relative term. ‘Hesed is space. Geburah is also space, but it is not our space. Rather, it is a “space outside space.” This is the Mychos referred to in the last chapter – the Absolute Elsewhere. When the Universe was but these two aspects, all was violence and chaos. The two attempted to cancel each other out, flickering endlessly through existence and non-existence, with no regards for the conventions of “before” and “after”. What gave order to these spheres is the next one: Tiphareth. This sphere is Time. Now, there are two types of “time.” The first is the concept of a flow-of-events. This is the “time” that most of us are aware of from personal experience. Monday is not Friday, because different things happened on Friday than on Monday. Tiphareth is not this type of time; Tiphareth is Time with a capital T – the time of the “Space time continuum.” This is itself a misnomer, because the reality of Geburah requires us to think in terms of a “space-nonspace-time continuum.” Tiphareth allowed Geburah and ‘Hesed to “take turns.” While this may seem as a gross personification, it is accurate.

Next is the Lower Triad or Tetrad. A Tetrad is a group of four, and indeed there are (now) four lower Spheres. However, Ye’sod and Makulth were at one time a single Sphere: Bahu. Before we discuss this, let us touch briefly on Netza’h and Hod. These Spheres are almost interchangeable, and both came into existence at the same time. To those who have activated their Ninth Circuit, Hod is perceived of as an Airy Fire, and Netsah as a Fiery Air. These are virtually the same substance, with Hod being just slightly more like air than like fire, and Netsah being slightly more like fire than like air.

This is interesting, because in traditional Kabbalah, Hod is corresponds to the logical part of the human psyche (Think), and Netza’h corresponds to the emotional part (feel). Like the pre-physical Hod and Netza’h described above, "think" and "feel" are manifestly different enough to be experienced as two separate aspects, yet their substance is the same. The ultimate test of the purity of one's heart is how closely "think" and "feel" match up, merge and blend together.

Hod, Netza’h and Bahu are what energy and matter was before it was matter or energy. The best term for this is “Primeval Light.” It is difficult to express what exactly is different, in physical terms, between Hod and Netza’h. Clearly, this is not “Matter” and “Anti-Matter.” This goes against conventional scientific theories, but my own belief, from the study of Kaballah, is that the nature of the universe’s formation did not result in slightly more matter than anti-matter, but rather a near-total absence of anti-matter. It is as if the rules that define the universe favor matter, although there appears to be nothing in the known mechanics of the universe to explain this phenomenon. The “light-matter-energy-potentiality” of Bahu, Hod and Netza’h existed as something strange and exotic to what we normally know, even what we “unnormally” know through quantum theory. It’s not just that this is something that is both matter and energy (for particles in the modern universe are also both matter and energy), but it is also both a potential and an actuality at the same time. Although by this stage ordered time and space have already come into being, the universe is still a singularity. This is the universe after Planck Time, and during the Inflation, but before matter and energy became ordered.

Then came the Crisis. In Christian terms, this was a War in Heaven. Something happened when Bahu split open and Hod and Netza’h mixed. When the universe cooled and the “Primeval Light” found the previous super-symmetry of singularity had broken down into asymmetry, the universe had entered into a new stage, where potential had become actual. Those who have “memory” of this (from the Eighth or Ninth circuit, discussed in the previous chapter), find this memory to be horrible. The last of the Emanations, the Bahu, came into being and split asunder. This is the “Abyss” of Greco-Roman mythology, from which all actual things emerge. When the Bahu split, suddenly “things” existed as something apart from “potential.” In terms of modern physics, the universe had an Objective State Reduction from “everything” to “something.” The Bahu became the two sephera of Ye’sod and Malkuth. Ye’sod is called the “sphere of illusion” in the occult, because there are more possible states and outcomes than there are actual states or outcomes. When an object is in “quantum superposition,” it is in Ye’sod. It is an “illusion” in the Universe, for it breaks the First Law of Thermodynamics, that energy and matter cannot arise from nothing, and cannot be destroyed. Yet, when a thing is in two places at once through the use of quantum superposition, is it not objectively the same as being two things? When a particle or wave becomes superposed, an “illusion” of it enters our universe, effectively “creating” a new particle or wave. When it then becomes objectively reduced, the other potential states then leave our universe, although they can be said to exist as potentials within Ye’sod. Malkuth is the classical level universe, and everything in it. Malkuth is the reality we see around us every day. The other spheres do impact on this reality, of course. We will discuss this interaction in more detail in the next chapter.

3. Metaphysics

4. Aesthetics

Formal Definitions:
1: a branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being
2: a particular theory about the nature of being or the kinds of existence

Informal Definition: "What am I looking at?"

Magic, it has been said, is the ability to cause change in reality through an act of Will. Many occultists will argue as to what exactly magic is, what exactly Will is, and even what exactly change is. Arguing about reality is a little harder. Because a working knowledge of reality is so essential for functioning, (people with distorted or incomplete knowledge of the basics of "reality" are usually referred to as "crazy"), most people never question what exactly reality is.

As my goal here is to write a chapter, and not a book, I will try to keep things short. The problem with metaphysics is that it is either grounded in physics, or it is pulled out of the ass of people with dissociate personality disorders (in other words, people who have a problem relating to reality).

Ontology is the study of the nature of existence. In the past, we believed everything that existed was either matter or energy, (which is really the same thing), and exist within time and space (which also appear to be the same thing). For practical reasons, we shall assume this position, although the existence of virtual particles does add more to the mixture than first recognized. More on those later.

Existence is a linguistic phenomenon. Obviously, some things are quite tangible, like a VCR or a puppy, and follow the infamous “wheelbarrow test,” in that they can be placed into a wheelbarrow. Other things are processes, such as the policies and procedures of organizations, or the physical laws of the universe. Even things like unicorns and elves can be said to have some sort of existence, even if that one is as a fantasy or a myth. A radical solution to the problem is just to declare that anything that can be experienced is real, in some linguistic sense. Even if the experience is the experience of contemplating in the imagination. This is a linguistic solution to a linguistic problem, and is a valid metaphysical stance only if one is unconcerned with the nature of the real, outside of our communication of it. This solution only solves the problem of the symbolic.

As stated earlier in our chapter on Epistemology, reality is not as big of a deal for humans as survival. Human beings are social animals, and especially in today’s world, the social is far more important than the real. The book Simulacra and Simulation (ISBN# 0-472-06521-1) deals with this dichotomy, and the ever-increasing schism between social reality and what is actually going on.

Although an understanding of the symbolic is a necessary to manipulate other’s perceptions of it, it should not be confused with an understanding of the real. An understanding of the real is what I will touch upon in this chapter.

The best way to go about understanding the nature of reality, from a magical/spiritual point of view, is to look at the interactions of the Sephera of the Tree of Life in how they affect matter, energy, processes and even number. This is where the Triads become quite important to our understanding. This time, we’ll work our way from the bottom up.

Malkuth is our physical world. Belief that Malkuth exists is expressed by the axiomatic phrase “existence exists.” Malkuth forms a tetrad with Hod, Netsah and Yesod. As discussed earlier, Yesod touches upon our world through the phenomenon of quantum superposition. Quantum superposition is the state of an object being in many states at once. The most widely known example of this is Schrödinger’s Cat. In this experiment (which fortunately is a thought experiment, and not an actual superimposed slaying/not-slaying of a cat), a cat is anesthetized and placed in isolation. A single photon is fired through a half-silver mirror. This mirror reflects half of the light that hits it. The other half goes through it. Behind the mirror is a triggering mechanism for a cyanide gas capsule, which will kill the cat instantly. The traditional way of thinking of this is that, since the photon is in a state of superposition where it both passes through the mirror and is reflected by the mirror, the cat itself will be both alive and dead until someone observes it. (The anesthesia keeps the cat from observing itself).

In his book, Shadows of the Mind, mathematician Sir Roger Penrose points out the problem with this experiment, and this is a problem of scale. This scale exists because of the nature of gravity. Gravity, measured by mass, is a distortion in the fabric of space-time. When an object is superposed, the combination of the two states of existence creates two distinct curvatures in space-time, making a “blister.” It is of the nature of space-time to resolve this “blisters” rather quickly above the one-graviton level (about the mass of an adult flea). This is why we don’t have supposition of planets in our solar system, weather patterns on our planet, or even rain drops in our weather patterns. Reality, at the human scale, is about probability, not superposition. Quantum superposition may, however, play a role within neurons, and give rise to consciousness. If this is the case, then the fundamental unit of reality, the Quantum Matrix, is also the fundamental origin of consciousness. This would mean that consciousness is part of the universe itself.

The sephera of Netsah and Hod are the domains of emotion and reason, respectively. This seems quite reasonable, given the quantum nature of consciousness. This is not to say that the distinct nature and functions of reason and emotion is somehow separate from the classical level neurophysical and neuroelectrical processes.

The middle triad, Geburah, Chessed and Tipereth, are referred to as the Three Gates. The interaction of these Gates on the physical universe is responsible for the shape of matter. For convenience, the following information is reprinted.

As stated before, the Supernal Triad of Kether, Binah, and Chokmah do not exist anymore. [Review Kabalah essay for more information] THIS CAN BE FOUND IN THE BOOK “THE DARK DOCTRINES” BY TANI JANTSANG, AVAILABLE FROM LULU OR AMAZON OR OTHER. It can also be found at www.satanicreds.org under DDoc "THREE GATES AND THE TANGRAM"


"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Explaining Self-Worship

There is a tendency within Satanism to explain Satanism as the worship of the self. As previously discussed, modern Satanism is a response to a changing attitude towards a preoccupation with the self. Whereas previously, concern for oneself was a sin, it now became a sort of virtue. Almost every Satanist you are likely to encounter will profess to worshipping themselves, but very few will be able to explain it. Too often, these attempts at worshiping oneself come across as acting like a prick. The Temple has codified the different aspects of self-worship, and we believe that worship of the self is not only a valid expression of the religious urge, but is clearly a path towards happiness.

Although there are five virtues here, they should not be confused with the Principles of the pentagram. Those Principles are immanent and intrasubjective. The Principles are Left-Hand path in that they either manifest fully within an individual, or they do not. They are not something a person can acquire, or learn by study and practice. On the other hand, the virtues of Self-Worship aren't completely Right-Hand Path, in that they are not so much rules to follow as they are simple "virtues" that, if one follows them, will enable to person to be both happy and ethical. I consider these to be "Middle Path," the way that Mahayana Buddhism is "Middle Path." The five aspects of self-worship are Left-Hand Path in that they are a path towards enlightenment, although slow and methodical. They are Right-Hand Path in that it is a path of deeds - worship (even the worship of the self) is an activity. Those who manifest the five aspects of self-worship are expected to demonstrate it in their lives, not just in their minds.

The aspects are defined in detail below:

Intelligence is not as self-explanatory as it might seem. Worshipping one’s intelligence doesn’t mean going out and proving how much smarter you are than everyone else. Intelligence is also not the same as IQ. While there is a correlation between the two, an IQ test is most accurate at predicting academic achievement.

What is Intelligence, in terms of self-worship? Most people think of intelligence in terms of a highly developed Third-Circuit of awareness, (see the first chapter on Theology). However, this is simply “reasoning ability.” Although this is an aspect of intelligence, it is not the whole of it. Intelligence is the ability to understand what you know. This also includes the ability to understand what you don’t know.

For example, let’s say that someone announces herself to be a registered member of the Republican Party. What do we know about this individual? Some people would jump to the conclusion that we know her to be someone likely to vote Republican. Yet, we actually don’t know that. Given our limited set of facts, it may be true that they only vote for the most unfavorable Republican candidate in the primary, and then vote against this candidate in the actual election.

This does not mean that we must paralyze ourselves with never making guesses. However, intelligence certainly is the ability to acknowledge a guess as a guess. For people who already do this, the concept is difficult to understand. For people that don’t, the concept is difficult to implement. The human mind abhors ignorance, and will fill in ignorance with assumption. This is why “first impressions” are so powerful and hard to change. First impressions involve filling the gaps of what we do not know with what seems likely to us. Yet, why should first impressions be hard to change when new data comes to light? While making guesses is a normal part of being human, it becomes counterproductive when the person in question is unable to adjust their perceptions in light of new data. Not surprising, those who can do this mental “find and replace all” on their notions often have far more accurate first impressions. This is due to the ability to learn from their mistakes.

While judging people is a prime example, there are others. As a rule, you will notice that people lacking in intelligence often are more committed to doing something that doesn't work. While it should be simple to avoid those things that don't work, in favor of those that do, many people will repeat the same activity with more force. One humorous example is the American tourist who, when encountering someone who does not speak English, talks louder and slower. It is unfortunate that even those who are normally regarded as clever sometimes cling to ideas or behaviors that they should know from experience are counterproductive.

There is no moral obligation in the Temple of Lylyth to be, or act, smart. It serves no purpose to cover up one’s ignorance through lies, assertions, bluffing or anger. Too often, we are punished for asking honest, sincere questions. This is especially true in occultism, where those who have more “knowledge” (defined as raw data, rather than truthful information) often lord it over those who would ask.

The flip side of intelligence is illusion. Illusion is when a person refuses to see reality for what it is. Usually, it is because they have a pre-conceived notion about something. Illusion happens when emotions and intellect work against each other. The person refuses to see the truth because they don’t want to see the truth. The truth hurts their hearts, so their hearts use the lie as a wall of defense from the horrors of reality. Illusion.

Much ink has been spilt over the subject of individuality.

Unfortunately, the concept of individuality has been hijacked by the concept of “style.” Individuality is not the result of how you dress, but rather who you are.

Individuality comes from the words for “not dividable.” Essentially, this is taken to mean that the single person is the quantum unit of the state, an “individual citizen.” However, the deeper meaning implied is that one is not divided by desires to be like (or unlike) other people. The true individual is a whole person, and defines themselves only against themselves.

Certainly, individuality is not to be confused at all with an adolescent state of rebellion. Rebellion, in children, is a way for them to convince themselves that they have an existence apart from their parents. I leave the handling of this to the parents themselves. A true individual already understands his personality may be affected both through heredity and environment by his parents, but does not go out of his way to gain disapproval, and thereby validate his separation.

Individuality is a state of freedom, in the inner sense. One can be in jail, and still be an individual. One can be the leader of a nation, and not be. This doesn’t mean not caring what others think of you. After all, what others think of you has a real-world impact on your goals. However, if someone thinks ill of you, his or her thoughts will not affect your self-image. In fact, someone who is truly an individual has no self-image.

“Image,” in fact, is the opposite of Individuality. Many Satanists will claim to worship their Ego. Most of those who do have no idea what an Ego is, although they are probably accurate. An Ego is a false sense of self. Because of the ultimately false nature of the Ego, the person in question will seek “ego validation” from others. Others cannot validate the true self, as it is the essence of an individual. Conversely, others cannot invalidate the true self. The unique nature of the true, individual self, and its inability to be influenced by any external forces, has lead some occultists to believe this to be supernatural in nature.

Indulgence is a complex issue. This word has a bad connotation, because it usually applies to things that are unhealthy towards the individual, his finances, or his relationship with other people. Thanks to Anton LaVey, it also has a far more sexual connotation within Satanism than it should. Indulgence is linked conceptually to "sin," and the taint of sin has left a lasting impression on Western culture. The advertisers of ice cream and gourmet cookies use this taint to their advantage. Part of the popularity of Satanism also draws from this taint.

Indulgence, in the Lylythian sense, means doing what you want to do. This also includes not doing what you don’t want to do. For example, if you don’t want to slam your face in a waffle iron, then you should feel no guilt about abstaining from this. Yes, it is possible to indulge in abstinence. Do not let anyone, no matter how big their pentagram or how many Satanic organizations they belong to, convince you that you are being somehow “un-Satanic” by choosing to do what you want to do.

The opposite of indulgence is not abstinence. Let me state again: you can indulge in abstinence. The opposite of indulgence is iniquity. Iniquity is not compulsion. You can be compelled to do things that benefit you (for example, my body is compelled to breathe, and I would pass out of denied this compulsion for too long). You can also do things that are harmful without being compelled. Very few Heroine addicts begin their addictions with people forcing needles into their arms against their will.

Iniquity is something akin to perversion, without the sexual connotation. Unfortunately, the Western world has a hang-up with sex. It's difficult to say why, as many mainstream Christians have no problem with reproductive sex, or even non-reproductive sex within the confines of marriage, yet many historical Christian heresies, like the Bogomills, thought that the greatest crime of all was to reproduce, thus trapping a soul into matter. Iniquity is when one "indulges" in something which is destructive to the individual. This can be different for different people. For example, voluntarily spending the night outside nearly naked in sub-zero weather would be iniquity for most people in America, yet for those who have the cold adaptation for "Tumo," there is no problem at all. The best way to judge if Indulgence or Iniquity motivates another's action is to look at the results. Indulgence leads to self-enhancement, while iniquity leads to self-destruction.

Intuition is something everyone has, but few people have properly developed. Intuition is the ability to process information you might not logically understand. Intuition is an important part of magic. Sometimes, you’ll have an inclination to do something you wouldn’t normally do. If at all possible, follow that inclination, for this is your intuition talking. Another term for intuition is “instinct.” We don’t use this term publicly, because of the connotation with neo-Satanic groups of thinking this means “act like an asshole.” Actually, in many species (including humans), there are instincts to help others, and to trust others. Of course, there are also instincts that run counter to the law! It is an instinctive reaction to someone even mildly hungry to want to simply take food from another. Barter exists in many species, especially primate groups. Currency is a human trait. Money is an abstraction. The world we evolved in was one where getting food was as easy as hunting an animal, or picking some fruit. The world we currently live in is one where we other people own the sources of food, and demand you pay for what you eat. Intuition requires self-discipline, and an understanding on which instincts to act upon. Self-discipline is what separates a human being from an "Id."

Most people you are likely to encounter have been systematically taught to ignore their intuition. Authors Wayne Hill and Tani Jantsang outline this process in detail in the monograph “Convalescence from Christianity,” (available from Satan2000). Because of this, the simple lessons such as “if you’re afraid of something, you probably should be,” require large books to get their message across, (see the book, the Gift of Fear).

The opposite of intuition is Insensitivity. This doesn’t mean not caring about the feelings of someone else, but rather not caring about one’s own feelings. When a person starts ignoring their own intuitions, and acting in a way counter to them, they cease to be fully alive in the animal sense of the word. Rather, they are oblivious to what their body wants, and what it tries to tell them. Insensitivity occurs when the “mind” tries to take over the “body.” This results in asceticism, perversion, or other corruptions of the human’s true nature. If this goes on too long, a sense of numbness will pervade over the person, as the body simply gives up relaying information to the brain, and the brain becomes better at ignoring the information relayed.

Integrity means, literally, being integrated. This means having all parts of yourself working together in harmony. Instinct, Will, and Intellect should all be one continuous whole. Integrity is what makes the other aspects of self worship work, and what keeps them from transforming into their opposite aspects. Another word for Integrity is “Innocence.” This is not to be confused with ignorance or naiveté. Ignorance is lack of knowledge. Innocence is a complete understanding of the knowledge of what is right and wrong. It is the ability to draw a line and say, “No more, no further. This is something that would harm me.” Innocence, in the occult sense, means not having violated one’s self.

The opposite of integrity would be to take one’s self, one’s innate innocence, and throw it away. The only word that fits the pattern of alliteration for this is insanity, and indeed those who have broken their innocence are insane. They are corrupt, vile, not to be trusted. Violating any of the above four virtues is a Klippothic act, but violating one’s integrity, one’s innocence, is the barrier that separates the merely Klippothic from the full-blown Klippoth.

Of all the aspects of Self-Worship, Integrity is the most Left-Hand Path. It is hard to tell someone with a disintegrated self to simply integrate and be whole again. Unfortunately, the process of growing up in America seems to be a process of disintegration. The one book I have found that really touches the subject in healing the neurological damage is "Vamacara Tantra Volume Two," by Roderick Marling. I would suggest this book as an active form of Self-Worship. The root philosophy is very much in tune with the Temple of Lylyth, and none of the exercises within are dangerous (e.g. you will not find the Chöd right even mentioned). If done consistently and with a sincere heart, one can expect to see dramatic improvements in mind-body unity. As of the time of publishing, this book is only available from http://www.kamakala.com.


Politics is often seen as ethics on a grand scale. While ethics relates to how individuals should treat each other, politics is the branch of theology that deals with how groups should treat each other. The Temple of Lylyth has a very "Green" political philosophy, based on the premise that the Divine as Manifested through Life is sacred, and more important than the assumed "rights" of any individual. Because of the nature of politics as being the interaction between groups, I have used the word "we" to denote the Temple of Lylyth as a political entity. This also includes the components of the Temple of Lylyth (in other words, the individual members). These nine statements make up the principles by which the Temple of Lylyth governs itself, and would prefer to be governed.

1.) Personal and Collective Empowerment.
In order for any real progress to be made, patterns of dominance learned from the Tree of Destruction (http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/all-tod.html) must be replaced with a culture of liberation. Dominance and other forms of oppression are barriers to personal and collective empowerment. We combat societal prejudices and inequities based on race, gender, class, age, sexual orientation, and other social divisions. We seek to develop societal ethics that nurture the full potential of each human being. We use cooperative decision-making processes. We try to remain sensitive and receptive to continual change as both positive and inevitable. This is the sixth Lylythian statement in action.

2.) Ecological Integrity
The Temple of Lylyth respects and acknowledges the cycles of life, and the interconnectedness of all. This means developing a politics based on the Wiccan/Satanic Principle that people are part of nature, not on top of it. We think and act in terms of the viability of ecosystems. We work under the principle that economic justice and ecological integrity are mutually consistent and achievable. As Lylythians, we must do our part to protect the Earth.

3.) Global Responsibility
A successful magician understands that he is part of a larger system. We recognize our country (whatever country it may be) as part of a global whole. We urge our country to establish friendly relations with other nations in the spirit of mutual respect and assistance. We work to identify and resist the forces in my country that hinder the democratic self-determination of other peoples. We respect and encourage indigenous models of development, rather than the imposition of Western corporate fascism.

4.) Participatory Democracy in Economic and Political Life
From Satanism, the rejection of all forms of Tyranny follows. The problem with American democracy/plutocracy as it exists today is that is does not allow citizens to have a real voice in the decisions that effect the ecological and work structures in which they exist. Having this right would help ensure appropriate technologies and equitable distribution of social resources and employment for all.

5.) Local and Regional Autonomy
An identity of a group persists and expresses itself with unique cultures. The theme of the 19th Enochian key is best expressed as "infinite diversity in infinite form." In human social groups, this manifests as communities empowering themselves through an equitable distribution of wealth and power among regions. We seek to promote and nourish regionally based culture, while guaranteeing human rights for all ethnic, cultural and racial minorities.

6.) Nonviolence
One of the most fundamentally recognized magical principles is “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.” When attention is focused on violence, one’s life becomes a quagmire of violence. Violence is inherently stressful to the organism made to participate in it. Seek alternative solutions.

7.) Respect for Diversity
We welcome and honor cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, political, biological, and spiritual diversity within the context of social and ecological interdependence. Diversity as a means of separation between peoples leads to “National Socialism”, no matter which race or group of people practices it. NOTE: Nationalism (eg. country, place) is OK. It is ETHNO-Nationalism which leads to bad things.

8.) Emotional Awareness and Honesty.
Lylyth represents the perfect union of thought and instinct, rather than internal opposition between intellect and desire. It follows, then, that awareness of feeling and unconscious behavior patterns in ourselves and others (and of their social and historical roots) act as a foundation for the creation of a cooperative community, participatory institutions, social harmony with nature, and self-empowerment.

9.) Government exists to serve the individual.
Satan represents responsibility to the responsible. A civilized government (in the Satanic sense) has the responsibility to provide quality health care, nutrition, shelter, economic security, relevant education, meaningful and rewarding work, full reproductive rights, childcare, and a safe and healthy environment to its citizens. The opportunity for the fulfillment of creative potential-both individual and societal-can only be realized through a fully democratized society, where everyone has equal political access to decision-making and enjoys complete freedom from political persecution


“We can't go around measuring our goodness by what we don't do, by what we deny ourselves, by what we resist and who we exclude; I think we got to measure goodness by what we embrace, by what we create, and who we include.” -- Chocolat (2000)

The English word religion comes from the Latin term religare, meaning, “to tie back.” The etymology of religion gives the term the denotation of restriction. Religion is what ties you back from acting on your desires. The term the Lylythian tradition uses for this is “negative religion.” On the other hand, a spiritual philosophy can reconnect you with the truths about your spiritual self. A religion can re-link you with the Divine, and tie you back to the Source. We call this “positive religion.”

In order to understand salvation, one must first understand damnation. There are people who are already in the Inferno, even as they live and breath. These are Klippoths. They are people in whom the flame of life has been damaged. The psychological term for this condition is alexithymia. It is a state of having the intellect completely removed from the emotions, causing an internal state of strife and conflict within an individual. The inner and outer of a person often mirror each other; thus Klippoths spread conflict to those around them.

There are many “flavors” of Klippoth, but the two most recognizable are Akathartic and Ophionic. Akathartic literally means “unable to release emotions.” Akathartic people spend their lives in a state of inner fear, as they are unable to let go of consuming emotions. These emotions are often bundles of mixed feelings, such as love mixed with rage and sadness mixed with euphoria. When the individual can no longer hold these emotions back, the individual experiences these jumbled and out-of-context emotions and comes Ophionic. The term comes from the mystical snake Ophioneus, who in the Pythagorean tradition occupied the very bottom of the pentagram. In the Lylythian tradition, this is technically called “Kali,” named after the Goddess who eats her own children. The image is frightening: negative, twisted anima, destroying instead of nurturing.

To have something like this inside of you is to lack authentic anima. Those who are Ophionic, and understand what is happening to them, feel “consumed” and sometimes “pursued” by some outside thing, as if Ophion were an entity. This feeling can be trigged by stimuli such as spider webs or seeing a spider, seeing a lizard eat something (usually a bug) or by a visual representation of the Ophionic, for example Sir Frances Dicksee’s “La Belle Dame Sans Merci.” (Shown below). Almost always, this is manifested as some sort of fear of Time. Baudelaire wrote, “Le Temps mange la vie.1” In the film, “Star Trek: Generations,” the character of Dr. Søren states, “Time is the fire in which we burn. Right now, captain, my time is running out. We leave so many things unfinished in our lives. I know you understand.” In film and literature, the theme of “Time” and the desire to escape its predatory claws returns time and time again, from Doctor Lector trying to reverse Hawking’s equations to Arnold Rimmer wishing he wasn’t held back in school, the desire to change, reverse or escape time is a hallmark of what makes otherwise sane and good people Ophionic.

The Ego and the biological entity trying to destroy each other usually typify Ophionic states. The usual results involve large monitory losses on behalf of the individual attempting to purchase a new identity (often without really trying to “sell” the old one, which he sees as no longer valuable). The individual can attempt to join various groups, (military groups, religious orders, cults, gangs, etc.) in order to re-create a sense of identity and belonging. When and if the individual comes back to their senses, they usually run from both the group and the identity, often with the same disregard for the money spent.

Fortunately for the reader, most Klippoths are of the Akathartic bent. Rather than attempting to destroy everything in and around themselves, Akathartics simply want to control it. Their behavior isn’t obsessive-compulsive in the classical sense, so much as it typified by anosognosia and alexithymia. Anosognosia is the “numb, empty feeling” that Akathartics have. It is a general state of having one’s senses, especially kinesthetic senses, turned OFF. Often, pain is the only thing that these people ever really feel, and even that is turned down. One theory is during our initial adaptation of agriculture and civilization, the ability to turn off one’s feelings of pain become a great asset, and has persisted with us for a long time. Alexithymia is the inability to know what you’re feeling. One Klippothic gentlemen I dealt with had learned much of his dynamics of “power” from his stepmother. He described an incident where he was acting up as a young child, perhaps two or less. He was hit as a punishment for being disruptive. Rather than the usual reaction of crying, he discovered that it didn’t hurt enough to cause an involuntary reaction. He announced “That didn’t hurt!” in defiance, and was hit again, harder. He summoned all his will to stop from reacting to the pain. He kept saying “That didn’t hurt!” and kept being hit harder and harder until eventually he was no longer able to contain the crying. In recalling this, he started to weep and he had no idea why. Because this man was spiritually aware, this realization of anosognosia frightened him. Although an Akathartic Klippoth may attempt to control you, and might even use Klippothic Theurgy such as “clinging” and “miasma” to get you to go their way, most Akathartics are willing to ignore you. Most people who can and do “cling” have no idea that they’re doing it. I am not talking about an emotional dependence, but rather a true spiritual attack that works at a distance. Those who do try to cling or inflict miasma are often relatives, friends, co-workers or others who have relatively intimate relations with you, and thus have more to gain through their clinging. However, it might just be someone who saw you and then started clinging. They might not even be aware of what they are doing.

The easiest way to break a cling is to ask someone with miasma to help you. Miasma is the opposite of charisma. Although a miasmic may not be unpleasant to be around, most “aware” people generally avoid them, because of the miasmic’s ability to control their thoughts and behavior. This control is often accompanied by very slow speech and gesturing patterns. Often, the words they use are extremely long explanations for why you should do what they want you to do, even if you’ve already stated your agreement to do it. This “languid” quality in their communication styles generally drives people to avoid them, if possible. Those who experience light-force magic in visually see the use of miasma as yellow, to the point where “yellow” is another term for using miasma. Because, like a clinger, most miasmics don’t know they’re doing any sort of “sorcery,” the best thing to do is simply explain your situation in non-magical terms and thank them for their help.

We live in a Klippothic world. The current world-age is known as the Kali Yuga, which loosely translates into “The Age of Death.” It is difficult to be a member of any nation or tribe in today’s world and not be affected in some way. For many of us, this means the acquisition of Klippothic traits and tendencies. If he vast majority of individuals in the West are borderline Klippothic, then there is a good chance the reader may be as well.
The question this raises is what can be done? How does one escape the self-destructive behavior of the Klippoth?

The first thing to realize is self-destruction is innately contradictory. The “self destruction” of a Klippoth rarely if ever seems destructive to them. If it does, then it is usually seen as part of a bargain. When a person is in the grasp of an Ophionic attack, it is usually accompanied not by pain, but by euphoria, as if they are wrapped in the essence of joy itself. The destruction is caused by the war between the Ego and the Shadow. The “Ego” is a false sense or projection of self. It is a set of rules, ideas, values, ethics, etc, which the individual uses to define who they are. The Shadow represents everything that may be within their range of behavior, but that they deny. This is often conceived in terms of evil, but not always. Romantic love usually involves seeing one’s Shadow in another person, and loving them because they represent something positive that one is not. It is difficult to believe that anything as beautiful and widely lauded as romantic love could be Klippothic, yet it is. It is the Ego interacting with the Shadow, and more often than not ends in the two partners hating each other. One way at looking at the cycle of romantic love turning to hatred is not that the feeling transformed, but rather the expression of it has. In other words, romantic love is really a form of hatred.

The problem is that the Ego, in its desire for stability or control, holds back the Black Flame’s natural flow. This holding back is what creates a Klippothic state.

The solution, as we have been told over 2,500 years ago, is to destroy the Ego. The problem with this solution is the Ego will fight tooth and nail to keep itself alive. This can be seen in the cycles of certain individuals to “re-invent” themselves periodically. They move their current and past sets of behavior into the “Shadow” and re-create an Ego to be their “new self” or “real self” or whatever. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with self-improvement per se. However, there is a big difference between a person with an Ego and a healthy individual setting out to learn the same set of skills. For example, consider enrolling in a dance class. The healthy individual thinks, “I want to learn how to dance.” The Ego-driven person thinks, “I want to be a dancer.” Healthy individuals focus on action and don’t think too much about themselves. The Ego-driven think of themselves in everything they do.

The irony is the best first-step in removing an Ego is to heal it. Yes, if you have an Ego it is imperative to make it a strong and healthy Ego. A frail Ego will keep on re-inventing and re-making rules, making it much harder to examine and eliminate. A strong Ego can actually be an asset in the Kali Yuga. Once the Ego is strong and healthy, the transition to an Egoless state is much easier.

It is beyond the scope of this book to tell the reader exactly how to achieve either strengthening or elimination of the Ego. The best book I have seen on the subject, however, is “How to Be an Adult” by David Richo and Kathlyn Hendricks (ISBN: 0809132230). One assurance that the authors have themselves reached this state is the truly magical style in which it is written. Robert J. Crayhon stated, “This book is so densely filled with useful advice that you cannot read more than a page without putting it down to reflect on how applicable it is.” It also helps to understand the forces that created the Ego in the first place. Another magical document is “Convalescence from Christianity” by Wayne Hill and Tani Jantsang. This explains how American culture manufactures a state of separation between Sensation, Will and Intellect, which is passed on in early childhood.

9.) Eschatology (Thanatology)
NOTE: DO NOT HAVE THIS FILE, THOUGH IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE SAME AS THE LAST ONE ON HERE SINCE THERE IS MUCH ABOUT THANATOLOGY IN THE FILE. Credo - Charge of the Goddess (complete) - Obviously, Kaiden knew that there were "cleaned up" versions that were NOT complete.

According to "Learn Religions, Charge of the Goddess history and variations":

Charge of the Goddess is perhaps one of the best-known pieces of ritual poetry in today’s magical community, and is often credited to author and priestess Doreen Valiente. The charge itself is a promise, made by the Goddess to her followers, that she will guide them, teach them, and lead them when they need her the most.

However, before Valiente, there were earlier variants, dating back at least as far as Charles Leland’s Aradia: Gospel of the Witches. Because, like so many other writings in today’s Pagan world, Charge of the Goddess has evolved over time, it’s almost impossible to attribute it to one single author. Instead, what we have is a constantly changing and fluid piece of ritual poetry, that each contributor has changed, modified, and rearranged to suit their own tradition.

Charles Godfrey Leland was a folklorist who roamed about the Italian countryside collecting legends during the final decade of the nineteenth century. According to Leland, he met a young Italian woman called Maddalena, who provided him with a manuscript about ancient Italian witchcraft and then promptly vanished, never to be heard from again. This, obviously, led some scholars to question the existence of Maddalena, but regardless, Leland took the information he claimed to have obtained from her and published it as Aradia: Gospel of the Witches in 1899.

More Information about this can be found here:

There is a link on here to the entire Gospel of Aradia (the Witch's Gospel) already, but this is the ENTIRE poem, not just a part of it! It is definitely not "white light". Here:

Credo - And Still the Darkness was One.

(Hindu Creation Myth written in Mongol or Tibetan, not sure)
translated: Tani Jantsang's Uncle - last paragraph written by Tani Jantsang, very 60s :)
This was a song done in the 60s. Go to website to hear song.

The Eternal Parent, wrapped in invisible robes slumbered. Time was not, for it lay asleep in the infinite bosom of duration. Space was not, for there was no place or point. Darkness alone filled the Boundless All. And the Darkness was One.

The Seven Sublime Forms and the Five Truths were not yet, and the universe, the child of Necessity, had not yet been breathed out. Alone, the One Form of Being stretched boundless, infinite, causeless, in dreamless sleep. And life pulsated unconscious, throughout that all-presence. The Great Wheel was not yet. The Dark Formers and the Luminous Forms, were not yet. The Forms that come from No-form rested in the bliss of eternal non-being. And the Darkness was One.

A vibration thrills through Darkness, expanding within and without, touching the whole Universe which was now an embryo in Darkness. Then, the Ray flashed out into a web of 7 lights, and the 5 truths molded the whole into LIFE. Yet still, the Darkness was One.

And the Cosmos was born from the web, a woven fabric of many colors and tones. And the cloth was woven perfectly, no color dominated, yet none were the same; no tones were the same, yet all were harmonious; all blended in a variegated ever-changing cloth, whose capacity for infinite change was proof of the miracle of life.

And man was part of this woven fabric of life. And all man had to do to delight in this gift of life, was BE. But man was not content with the harmony in the fabric. And so man tried to change the fabric of the cloth and found that this was easy. Man wanted to have the blues dominate over the reds, to get rid of the greens and yellows; he wanted there to be the same tones, not different tones. And though most of the tones were gone, man found that what remained was a discordant, disharmonious noise that caused him much unrest. And finally, there was nothing left but a torn up, shredded, scrap of cloth: what remained of the fabric that was man. Yet still, the Darkness was One.


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Part II - Magic

1.) Thaumaturgy and Theurgy, using the circuits
2.) Sorcery and Divination
3.) Thaumaturgic magic, a breif explanation
4.) Theurgic magic, a brief explanation
5.) Chöd - don't try this at home

Credo - Four Noble Truths.

Part III - Syncretism

1.) Very brief history of Wicca and Witchcraft
2.) Very brief history of Satanism and Shivite Nagism
3.) Very brief history of European and American intellectual history
4.) The Foundations of the Temple
5.) The Worship of the Self
6.) Mother of the Gods
7.) The Brood of Lylyth
8.) Holidays

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Tego Arcania Dei
[I conceal the secrets of God]