Sri Kala Chakra - the Lord Great Time Devourer
Photo compliments of Tani Jantsang, from Temple in NJ.
by Guardians of Darkness

Below is an image of Sri Kala Chakra:

It is red.

Atop Its head are five skulls shooting out five flames, the Flames of Wisdom.

It has three eyes.

It has fangs.

It has talons.

It has claws.

It has a Serpent's Tail.

If you connect the five points made by Its hands, feet and tail, you get a pentagon or a two pointed up pentacle, and if you connect the three eyes on Its face you get a triangle - symbols familiar to Pythagoreans.

The Wheel of Life is being held by Sri Kala Chakra. As the Wheel spins, life goes on.

Sri Kala Chakra is the great Time Devourer, the Thatness that spins the Wheel of Life.

Behold Sri Kala Chakra: