King Solomon and The City of Babalon (Babylon)

By Guardians of Darkness
Comrade August

Many Wiccans, Pagans, Satanists, and other alternate religions are anti-Christian due to completely wrong reasons. I'm one of the few Sat/Tanists that finds more great arcanum in the Bible than in the "Satanic Bible" or any other writings of Anton LaVey. I will now defend my stance.

This essay is an attempt to show that a person who finds great wisdom in the Bible does not have to be a fanatic or a retard. It is also an attempt to introduce one of the greatest and least understood characters of the Bible: Solomon the King.

The Temple of Solomon has been called the Temple of Peace Among Men. In Latin this reads Templi omnium hominum pacis abhas, meaning  (The God of) the Temple of Peace Among All Men, in short Tem Oph Ab, which is Baphomet spelled backwards.

The Building of the Temple is the central idea of Freemasonry; it is the evolution of man; raising him to godhead. The Temple not only represents the Microcosm but also the Macrocosm. This leads us to something very notable in the world today: the effects of the spiritual and mental condition of the human race on Nature as a whole.

In Rom. 8:19, St Paul tells us that the entire creation is waiting in anxious expectation for the sons of God (note that "sons" is plural). The building of the Temple is commencing with the individual man, from the individual to the race and thus to the whole environment in which we live. It is the return to Eden, a metaphor for the Golden Age.

Two enormous bronze pillars were set up by Solomon at the entrance to the Temple: one on the right hand, called Jachin, and one on the left hand, called Boaz (1 Kings 7:12.). What then do these pillars signify? The English J often stands for the Oriental Y. In fact the name Jachin is pronounced Yakhin, which is an intensified form of Yak or One, thus signifying first the principle of Unity as the Foundation of all things, and then the Mathematical element throughout the Universe, since all numbers are evolved from the One and always will resolve themselves back again into it. But the Mathematical element is also the element of Measurement, Proportion, and Relation. It is not the Living, Be-coming Deity, but only the recognition of the proportional adjustments that Life gives rise to.  It is the Law.

To balance the Mathematical element we require the Vital element, the element of Consciousness. The pillar of Jachin is therefore balanced by the pillar Boaz, a name derived from the root of the word "awaz," meaning Voice. (The voice "Aiwass" who dictated the Book of the Law? Perhaps!) The understanding of these two pillars is the Baphe Metis, Baphomet; a symbol of the Law, and the Vital Force itself, and of Wisdom into Measurement.

I think this is sufficient to give you a very clear picture of the two pillars of the Temple, and of the Universe.

These two pillars are the first key to our understanding of the Temple of Solomon the King; we may not enter the Temple save by passing between the pillars, and we cannot pass between them until we fully grasp their meaning.

The second key lies with our understanding of King Solomon himself, and as always in the Bible things are not what they seem to be.

St. Paul tells that the leading characters of the scripture also represent great Universal principles, and this is pre-eminently the case with Solomon.

His name, in common with the names Salem and Jerusalem, is derived from a word signifying Wholeness (Salim, the Whole) , and therefore means a man who has realised the Wholeness, the underlying Unity. This is the secret of his greatness and his wisdom.

We are also told that Solomon is the son of David. This is not irrelevant, it is of greatest importance; (Solomon) the Builder of the Temple has to be the son of David, and I will now explain why. Again we find that the significance is concealed in the name. David is the Western form of "Daud," which means "Beloved." David is, in the scripture, called "the man after God's own heart," a description exactly answering to the name: and we therefore find that (Solomon) the Builder is the offspring of a man that has entered into that reciprocal relation with "God," that only can be described as Love. He is a man who has let-go into Being, bloomed in Eros, given his blood to the Cup of Babalon (More about Babalon further below) and thus become a Saint. He who does this is truly Beloved, because he experiences Joy.

When the black flame is lit (in NT terms, when the Logos is fully within and flowing), man attains to wisdom; the nature of Solomon.

It is the recognition of this truth that makes David the father of Solomon. After giving his blood to the Cup of Babalon, man unites with Her as the Beast in drunken ecstasy, drunken on his own blood.

The allegory of the Beast turns up once more when we examine the nature of the name Solomon. Solomon can be cut into three words; "Sol" is Latin for "sun," the word "Om" is Hindi for "sun," and the word "On" is Egyptian for "sun." Also, the vowel "o" is symmetrically placed throughout the word three times. Note that, apart from looking like the sun, "o" is the fifteenth letter of the alphabet.

15 15 15 151 + 515 = "666", the number of the Beast.

The number "666" is the number of the sun-square and it has 12 factors, just as the sun has 12 signs of the Zodiac, and as Solomon is the King of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Is this a coincidence?  I think not! 

The relation between Solomon, the sun, the Beast and "666"

The sun is symbolical of the Microcosmic man, the perfected man. Or as Crowley puts it: "Every man and every woman is a star." The perfected man is easily connected with Solomon, but how does it relate to the riddle of the "666"?

The riddle reads as follows:

Here is Wisdom (in the old Greek scriptures it says Sophia). Let him that has it compute the number of the Beast (in the same scriptures it says "the wild animal") : for it is a human number, and his number is "666."

He who has Sophia is he who knows the Waters of life. Sophia is a dark and intuited kind of wisdom. By "human," in this context, I believe it is intended to mean only those that have Being. But do all humans have this? Some others do not, at most are they empty shells, qlippoth. What do these humans have in common with the wild animals? In the old Greek scriptures, "666" is written with small case letters as if it was intended to be a word. Numbers were always written with capital letters. Where we only have "666" it actually spelled a word that looks like xes in Latin, in those scriptures. This word doesn't exist in either Greek or Hebrew, but it does exist in its reversed form in Latin: sex, the sex force is the kundalini force, and this is indeed what the living whole human has in common with the wild animals. Now it becomes evident why only "he that has Sophia may compute the number;" he, the Beast-human, and others are not all alike. If they were, then everyone could compute this with Understanding, on their own!  They may be able to read it on here, but reading it, memorizing it, cerebrally knowing it, is not the same as fully Understanding it.  Then we may also consider that using the Hebrew alphabet and lining it up with the same alphabet in reverse, the letters that spell Baphomet in Hebrew line up with the letters that spell Sofia in Hebrew:

Bet Pe Vav Mem Taf      BAPhOMET
Shin Vav Pe Yud Alef      SOPhIA

This is a Hebrew code which substitues the first letter of the alphabet for the last and the second letter for the second last and so on. When Baphomet is applied to this code, it generates the Greek word Sophia.  The Templars did this.  See below for a link to extensive information on this subject. 

If one wishes to enter really deep waters, one can consider the fact that that which gives life to the Earth is the sun, and all life on the Earth is Carbon based: 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. This is the Foundation, the Waters of life; the circle closes itself without the slightest effort on our behalf.

We find that Solomon is the archetypal attained man, the Beast whose Black Flame or Logos is fully lit. Before this, man has to let go into being, he has to become a whole being.  David is, due to necessity, the father of Solomon.

He who, like Solomon, has found the Unity has obtained "the Key of Knowledge," and it is now in his power to enter intelligently upon the study of his own being and of the relations that arise out of it. He is Aware of his own Black Flame/Logos. Any man who walks in the footsteps of Solomon becomes a Builder of the Temple.

The Temple of Solomon is indeed the Temple of Baphomet, and of the Beast. Eventually will it also be the Temple of the Antichrist because its establishment will crush the reign of Christianity or of Christianity as it stands today... so:

Envision the main V (alpha)of a two-point up pentacle. Facing the pentacle, the line from the upper left Azazel point to the bottom point Bahu/Thiavat Root is the push, and the line from the Root to the upper right Samael point is the pull. This push/pull results in Being and sinistrally spinning Time. We are always in stasis in the sense that we never leave the present. Here we stay in one "now" after the other, and yet we Become. How marvellous, is it not? The main V, where the rooted Shekeena is in the Bahu is, is and was called the Beast, or the Hebrew word Chiva. You are a Beast, if you have a satanic nature (our meaning of the word "satanic"). We are rooted in the Demiurge (Bahu), whose number is 6, and are we not indeed functioning like the wild animals?

The top left alpha is red, red as the dress of the whore Babylon. In her Chalice she keeps the blood of the saints. The saints are the masters of Innocence, they give their lives to Life itself. She is like a whore because she gives to all and refuses none; one has only to seek her company in order to get it. She always gives and never takes. She is all experiences possible on all levels. She is the manifested face of Life's fertile force. She is the mystery of Azazel, which if known reveals the ultimate mystery of “Deity.” "Azazel is here, yet also still in the unformed anarche or void. Azazel is Innocence whose other side is the Abyss. I.e. Innocence and the Abyss are One Thing.

The understanding is that this One Darkness, or anarche, manifested the ultimate free gift: LIFE, without reason or motive. INNOCENTLY. And that same One Darkness or anarche consumes it. The Darkness consumes it in order to create, in order to complete the sinistral Wheel of Time, which is the Wheel of Life. There is no dualism in this. The force is Push/Pull; the "two" (Samael and Azazel) are combined as One Thing, but when speaking esoterically we split them into two principles. Azazel pushes and Samael pulls.

"Babylon" is the possibilities available to our experience and Chiva, the rooted Shekeena, is the core of our being, the urges, the wanting for experience. All we have to do is to unite ourselves with Her in Joy and delight, drunken on our own being, drunk on life itself.

The letter at the top left point of the Baphomet sigil, the one that has the word "Leviathan" in it,  would be Th, which looks like an open Gate. It moreover looks very similar to the letter Cheth. In the Tarot , Cheth is attributed to the Charioteer crossing the Abyss with the Holy Grail. Its number is 8, the redeeming force, but the redeeming force is definitely here, present, and inside you. If Cheth is spelled in full it equals 418!

418 is Abrahadabra, the word of magick in the new aeon according to Crowley.

Hebrew words whose numerical value is 8 are: The Entrance; threshold, To Will; intend, Desired, and the word for a type of Love (Eros).

This redeeming 8 is conjoined with the Root, the Demiurge; the number 6.8+6 = 14.

14 is the value of the Hebrew word for Love, Beloved. It is spelled Daleth, Vau, Daleth, pronounced Daud, which became David in the Bible. it links together with this article.

Here it is sufficient to say that, just as the gematria tells us, David is the man who has bloomed in Eros and entered into the reciprocal relationship with “God,” he is Beloved. A man who thus works his magic becomes like Solomon the Wise, the son and offspring of David. He attains to Wisdom/Understanding and becomes what Crowley calls a “Master of the Temple” or what Freemasons term a “Builder of the Temple.” Same thing.

Crowley puts it further like this:

The magician overcomes the Abyss by destroying his ego (false pride; the enemy of Innocence) through Love under Will. (This is the same the "Void" Yoga of Kundalini Tantriks of the Kargyupa school, except that they predate Crowley by about 1,000 years.  Void-Yoga is egoless.).  He is 0 just as the Abyss is 0. The card numbered 0 in the Tarot has the letter Aleph on it. It is the Fool, the Taoist Sage.

He is then admitted entrance to the City of Pyramids; Babylon. There he abides under the Night of Pan, the N.O.X. The N.O.X. is the L.V.X. (Light in extension) withdrawn. I.e. the Night of Pan is the Abyssal Darkness, the Universal sleep that precedes and follows creation. He becomes an inhabitant in the Great City of Babylon...

To communicate this in terms of poetry:

The Lord of Beginnings, who braketh down
Thy manifest face, dressed in a red gown
Bestows the Chalice, to drink and in Joy celebrate
In an Orphic fashion, amongst Trees in the Night
Serpents rejoice, in Nature's estate
Beneath the Olympus, the pupils shine bright
Hours pass, they do not mourn what Time devours
Firmly Rooted in Water, without Fear for the tide
Time doesn't Haunt them, It is on their side
Worshippers of the Highest, they praise the Dark Force
They praise Dionysus, and He lifts them high up
On a mountain of Inspiration, they drink from the Cup
Containing the Wine, that is given to those
Who act under Will, in katharsis released
Love is shared, they are like dew on the Rose

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