King Solomon and
The Revelation of Saint John the Divine (Book of Revelations)

By Guardians of Darkness
Comrade August

In the Bible (I Kings 10:14), King Solomon receives 666 talents of gold (a talent is a weight or denomination). What is the connection between Solomon's 666 and the 666 that is attributed to the Beast in Revelations?

This essay is about that connection, and about an alternative way of reading Revelations that arises out of that connection.

King Solomon is the key figure in the building of "the Temple of Solomon." Further he is recognized as having the greatest wisdom, primarily when it comes to knowing good from evil and right from wrong. (This is the knowledge forbidden to Adam and Eve from the Tree of Knowledge.) This wisdom can be traced in his name – it is derived from "salem," meaning "wholeness." Wholeness of mind is an old criteria for wisdom. The 666 talents of gold appears as descriptive of Solomon's greatness during the height of his kingship. It is as if 666 is symbolic of the completion of the Temple and the following time ruled by the wisdom to know right from wrong.

The origin of Solomon's wisdom can be read in 1 Kings 3:5-13. There, Solomon calls for God to give him, the son and offspring of David, the wisdom to know right from wrong. Again we find curious relationships hidden in the names. David is the western form of Daud, meaning "beloved." In the scriptures, David is called "the man after God's own heart," which answers directly to the literal meaning of his name. When Solomon in his prayer for wisdom presents himself as David's son and successor, it can be read as if wisdom (salem – wholeness) springs from faithfulness and closeness to God (David; the man who is "beloved").

What does wholeness of being imply? Unity of animal self and conscious self. In the Zohar it is stated about 666 that "all wild animals have this," and 666 has often since been said to symbolize the animal nature of man.

In psychoanalysis, the split between the ego and the animal self is what causes repression and neurosis. When the animal self rises up against the tyranny of the ego, the ego conceives of it as a terrible monster that has to be put down. Read like this, 666 would be the animal self that, if you're like Solomon and have unity, is healthy and blessed; but if you're split it seems like a terrible monster.

In a person that is not like Solomon, the ego is a false construction that desires the LIE (the animal self is INCAPABLE of lying). The lying implied is lying to the Self.  It means not living in Truth of Self, lying to the Self or even burying the truth so far back into the unconscious mind that the ego no longer knows it; nonetheless, it has a way of getting out and smacking the ego head on.

In the Bible it is repeatedly stated that he who desires the lie, who only has the lie, does NOT and can NOT have the Light inside. (Example, 1 John 1:8-10.)  The ego doesn't fear the lie, it fears the TRUTH; it flees from the truth. The ego fears the Light, the Christos/Logos, because it is not of it.

Read like this, 666 is the Light if you have it (like Solomon), but if you do not have it, it is the terrible BEAST.

Just like psychoanalysis and neurology speaks about SPLIT people that are without innate sense of right and wrong and have warped and twisted desires, the Bible says that sin is caused by the absence of the Inner Light. Jesus spoke of it as "going against the Holy Spirit" and called it the ONLY INNER sin. The other sins are RESULTS of this one sin, results of "the darkening of the Light." Read the original texts in Greek, this is stated quite clearly in there. For an exposition of the sins, from what the Greek actually meant back then, see below.

In the Bible, especially in Revelations, there are two kinds of humans. First there are those who lack the inner Light, who are fallen into sin, who fear truth, and who in Revelations will worship the Beast yet also suffer horrible trials when the Beast arises from the Abyss. Then there are those who have the Light freely flowing, who do not have lies inside, who are free from sin ("If you have Logos, you can not err (sin)," as Jesus said), and who have their names written in the Book of Life – they are those that do NOT have any "Beast" to fear.

The word logos is hundreds of years older than Christianity. By it the Pythagoreans and pre-Socratics in general meant a kind of Light, described as a "living fire," that flows through all living things. This logos enters into the living things from the boundless primordial Darkness (like the Word uttered in the first Darkness/Anarche in Genesis). It is curious to note that in Pythagorean times a bronze sandal was symbolic of Hecate, the Goddess of the Gates and key-holder, allowing free passage in the Darkness/underworld. In Revelations, Christ is repeatedly referred to as having bronze feet and as having the keys to the realm of death. Just as Christ rises from death, so too was the pre-Socratic logos said to enter from the bosom of Darkness and rise up and out again.

For more on the Pythagorean context see Tartaros - Pythagoreanism

Guarding the Root to this Flame was the serpent Ophioneus. He was said to lay coiling in the WATERS of Life. If you obstructed or hindered the Light, Ophioneus would rise like a terrible monster and consume you. Ophioneus would inspire FEAR. Pythagoras' friend Pherecydes wrote a lot about Ophioneus. He was said to have gotten the doctrines from Phoenicians, also known as the Ophites – the keepers of the Kaballa and the people of Tyre who helped to build Solomon's Temple. The Ophites venerated JHVH as a Serpent and also knew it by the deity-title Ab, meaning Father. Ab was indifferently styled Ab, Ob, and Ob Aur. They also had the watery serpent Leviathan or Thiavat, which is same as Ophioneus. All of this ties into the Ophite ABaddon, that appears in Revelations as the Angel of the Abyss. The forces of the Abyss are not evil in any way, the obic forces guard the Light and keep it flowing by taking it back where it belongs when a person fails to let it flow or obstructs it.

Whereas these originally were the enemies OF the enemies of the Light, like punishing Angels or Seraphim, they have by later dualisms and misreadings been made into the enemies of the Light. Not so originally! Not at all!  Seraphim: it is interesting to note that the words nehhashim and seraphim are first mentioned in Numbers 21:6 and Isaiah 14:29; 30:6, and speak of poisonous serpents and connect them with a fiery snake (saraph) in Numbers 21:8 and Isaiah 30:6.  They are the highest order of Angels that attend upon God; but they are obviously punishing Angels.  The word Seraph has the significance of burning up, not of shining.  Sometimes they are called winged serpents (Isaiah 6:2,6). They consume and burn up and devour things (Professor William Gesenius).  The Seraphs are an order of Angels that are with God, hovering near God.  They would be what we know as the Five Defenders of the Alphas of the Pentacle, the five Greek Daimones, or the Towo forms of the Five Dhyanni Buddhas that represent/defend the Dharmas.

If you obstruct the Light, or lack it inside, then you call "the bottomless pit" into your heart. Keep in mind that what's in there is referred to as the ANGEL of the bottomless pit.  It is not a "demon."  That would be the worshiping of the Beast that those who lack the Light are bound to do in Revelations. Consider a psychopath. His mind is totally split. His instincts and desires are utterly skewed, yet he follows them and not some straight-jacket moral code of the ego. Even if he followed a code put into place by the ego, inside himself he'd still have no Light.  He might have the DESIRE to do these things, even if he constrains himself.  That is not a person who has the Light within, or any Innocence within!  In that sense, he is a follower of the Beast. He does NOT, however, have any "wholeness." The concept of logos ties to the origin of the word logic. The psychopath lacks this, the core of his being is broken and self-destructive, as if Deity has removed itself from him and now tries to erase him.

The whole point with Revelations is the story about salvation and the rebuilding of the Temple, symbolized by the new Jerusalem. All of this is allegory, it has nothing to do with the actual city of Jerusalem, it has to do with SALEM. The rebuilt Temple is nowhere to be seen, yet it is there. That is because the Kingdom is INSIDE (as is said in the Bible). St. Paul says that he who is not right with the self (consider what "not right with the self" means) shall not inherit the Kingdom (from the original Greek of 1 Corinthians 6:9-12) and, as Jesus said, "IF ANYONE BE NOT GENERATED OUT OF WATER AND SPIRIT, HE IS NOT ABLE TO ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF THE GOD." One needs both the Waters and the Holy Spirit. He says NOT ABLE. The story of Revelations then, is about how the "not right with self" either perish or find salvation.

To inherit the Kingdom (that is INSIDE of you), you have to have complete wholeness of being, otherwise the Abyss will take you. This is known as the Mystery of the Grail in western occultism and esoteric teaching. This is a mystery, it cannot be explained as something else. The Abyss is overcome by giving up your every drop of blood to the Cup of Babylon. Give life to Life, hold nothing back. The false ego has to go. Babylon is like a whore, because she gives to all and refuses none; one has only to seek her company in order to get it. In drunken delight she feasts upon all evils that are given away into her golden Cup.

Then man emerges as an inhabitant of the Kingdom. In that Kingdom stands the Tree of Life, and it bears fruit twelve times every year (Revelations 22:2). The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are, by theologians, many times seen as one and the same. Like Solomon, the inhabitant of the Kingdom has the wisdom of good and evil, and it does not make him damned. That the Tree bears fruit 12 times every year is curious. The number 666 traces back to the ancient "magic squares," used to designate the sun and the planets, wherein every column and row adds up to the same number. 666 derives from the SUN-square, because it was made up from the numbers 1-36. Add that up, 1 plus 2 plus 3 plus 4 etc., and you get 666.* Further, the number 666 has 12 divisors, just like the sun has 12 signs of the zodiac, just as Jesus and the lamb had 12 apostles, just as the woman clothed with the sun in Revelations has 12 stars around her head, just as the Tree of Life bears fruit 12 times every year, just as the New Jerusalem in Revelations is said to have 12 gates and a wall with 12 foundation stones, and just like Solomon was the king over 12 tribes. *[Here is a trick with the math: 1/2n x (n+1)= the sum of all numbers from 1 to n, with "n" being the number 36 in this case.  1/2 of 36 is 18.  36 + 1 is 37.  37 times 18 = 666.]  

As explained, the Temple of Solomon has been called the Temple of Peace Among Men. In Latin this reads TEMpli Omnium Hominum Pacis BAhas (The God of) the Temple of Peace Among All Men, in short TemOphAb. The Building of the Temple is the central idea of Freemasonry; it is the evolution of man; raising him to godhead. In Rom. 8:19, St Paul tells us that the entire creation is waiting in anxious expectation for the sons of God (note that "sons" is plural). The building of the Temple is commencing with the individual man, from the individual to the race and thus to the whole environment in which we live. It is the return to Eden, the Golden Age.

The image above on the left (clarification of what that image is, is shown on the right) shows a fragment of a 4th Century BC jar handle with a seal impression of a pentagram with the Hebrew letters YRSLM (Jerusalem). The pentagram was used as a seal of the city of Jerusalem. It was also, at times, called the seal of Solomon.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the city of Jerusalem was given its name, Ursaliimmu, by the Assyrians. In 1400 BC Assyrian records refer to the city as Urusalim. The word is derived from the root "Ur" and the secondary root "Salem". "Ur" is very clear - it is a root shared by Indo-European and Semitic languages from which modern words such as "origin" are derived. The Germanic roots "ur" and "or" are related, as is the Hebrew root "Ir." In Mongol, "Uruq," or "Oruk," means "clan."

Read esoterically, with what has been said thus far in mind, the pentagram would be the seal of "Original or first-existing Unity." Have it, and you're like Solomon (you have wholeness, spoken of earlier), and you have the wisdom of right and wrong (as the Scriptures says of Solomon). In this respect, it is a symbol of the New Jerusalem of Revelations even more than of Jerusalem.

The Pythagorean pentagram was a glyph symbolizing wholeness of being, or simply Health. See Tartaros - Pythagoreanism for details on the Pythagorean use.

The Knights Templar inherited both Pythagorean and Hebrew use and knowledge. By using the Atbash Cipher, the word Baphomet becomes Sofia. The Templars where all about the "rebuilding of the Temple" (same as "entering the new Jerusalem"). For more about this, see the other article this site - King Solomon and City of Babalon and the extensive article Baphomet.

As has been said in this article, those without the wholeness have a Beast rising from the Abyss to fear - the Beast is within them. Instead of Deity in Nature (Shekeena) they have the Ob. This is their 666, and it is (and was!) symbolised by the obic six-pointed star, it too being associated with Solomon. The Jews under David El Roy used this as a symbol of going to war (it was not a symbol of the Jewish people before that). Exoterically it is "us the tribes, the people OF the Seal of Jerusalem, against our enemies; the people we bring the obic star upon (destruction)." Esoterically it is, "We the people of wholeness and Health (also known as Serpents) versus the klippoth ones (also known as adikoi, thanatos, preta, etc) that the Ob eventually will take. [The idea of "take" is metaphorical. Such people are IN a hellish state of being, right now.]

The connection between 666 and the obic six-pointed star might be more than purely doctrinal. In 1936, a tablet was excavated some 200 miles from Babylon. The tablet, whose translation was partially published only in 1950, is devoted to various geometrical figures, and states that the ratio of the perimeter of a regular hexagon to the circumference of the circumscribed circle equals a number, which in modern notation is given by 57/60 + 36/(60^2) (the Babylonians used the sexagesimal system, i.e., their base was 60 rather than 10). The Babylonians knew, of course, that the perimeter of a hexagon is exactly equal to six times the radius of the circumscribed circle, in fact that was evidently the reason why they chose to divide the circle into 360 degrees.

Here is some speculation - The symbol commonly ascribed to Solomon is the obic six-pointed star (hexagram). Some call this the Necromantic star (i.e., obic). The triangle with apex up is the Dark Force, or deity unto itself. The triangle with apex down is closed is Light, or cosmos-flesh. The first triangle would be DARK, the latter LIGHT. With this BABYLONian scheme (still used today), the three angles in the Dark triangle (and in the Light as well) would be 60, 60 and 60 degrees. 666? It fits very neatly.

The esoteric and initiated knowledge of the Hebrews was the Sod (the highest of the four ways to understand a teaching), and it's number was 72. According to the use of 360 degrees as a full circle, 72 ends up being the angle of a pentagon!

Exposition of the Sins-  from the Greek:

"Who is Not in the Kingdom - and Never Was, hence Shall not Inherit the Kingdom."  (This is like saying it is predetermined.)

The ADIKOI (literally: not-right with the self - un-righteous, (grossly misinterpreted to mean "moral.") shall not inherit the Kingdom. From St. Paul in I Corinthians 6:9-12.

There are nine outer behaviors mentioned, which are called "sins" (errors within the Self) and a tenth "thing," which is not a behavior anyone can see because it is inner, And this tenth "thing" is the Root of all the other behaviors. Or one might say that those who do this are already UN-rooted, as those that do it are said to, "Not be born of water and spirit!" And furthermore, it is said that they "Were damned from the Beginning of the throwing down of the Cosmos!"  [Doctrine: they lack the Root, hence are klippothic.] The Christian words (in Greek) seem to be implying that this is their Fate - they ARE Damned and therefore they DO all these behaviors - BECAUSE - they are the damned. Interesting twist!

1. EIDOLOLATRAI: idolaters, those that worship false gods or idols (whether made of wood, stone, or flesh and blood like a God-King Person). Consider this in terms of "the fan." Consider just what this behavior is on the INNER level.

2. MOICHOI: Adulterers: those that adulterate - make impure - implied is making something impure which should not be made impure, but which should stay pure. In the Old Testament this clearly meant "race-mixing." It doesn’t mean to "cheat on your spouse" since those writing this were polygamous. It might have INCLUDED this, depending on WHO you cheated with, since these ancient people believed in biological telegony. (Matthew 5:32, e.g., if you divorce your wife and she marries another man, the new husband is committing adultery. This makes sense only if one considers telegony. There is more in the Old Testament on this showing the word clearly means to mix with other races.)

3. MALACHOI: Effeminate men, effete wimpy or cowardly men. A man who does not protect his household because he is "soft." The word literally meant "soft" in Attic Greek, an earlier language.

4. (H)ARSENOCHOITAI: A homosexual, usually thought to mean a male one.

5. KLEPTAI: A robber of personal property.

6. HARPAGES: Extortioners. Separate from kleptai. A usurer.

7. PLEONECHTAI: A covetous, jealous person, a "barren clinger" [psychic vampire] who looks at what others have in life (not necessarily material things) and desires to take it (not necessarily to own it for themselves either). They take it just to deprive you of having it. This is clearly seen as self-hate which springs forth hate for everything else, especially a happy ("blessed") person.

8. METHYSOI: Those who are intoxicated, brain-numbed in the senses due to drugs they take in order to numb the senses. Does not mean a drink of wine with meal (obviously), since Jesus drank wine in moderation.

9. LOIDOROI: Slanderers, revilers a person who tells UN-true things of another, obviously out of malice.

10. PORNOI: Filthy soul, literally, which one gets by committing the only INNER sin (sic). Jesus calls this the only inner sin. It is EPITHYMESAI (literally, to stimulate the mind using the right eye). It usually is used pertaining to sexual matters: mental sex as opposed to the physical, biological urge to mate. EPYTHYMESAI makes the soul black and darkens the Light within. [Doctrines: using the eye-chakra to stimulate the perineum chakra - it makes the Kundalini shoot downward, inversed, instead of flowing upwards (some folks can feel the difference). This is like "zonking" your own Root! It causes a splitting away of the 3 lower chakras from the throat and eye chakras - leaving the heart-chakra as a gaping darkened and empty barren hole (some folks have felt this too!) It results in a person being unable to "speak from the heart," because the throat chakra is split from the heart chakra were the feelings are. What they are actually doing is obstructing the Logos in defiance of the normal flow.]

The Latin and English translations have this word PORNOI as meaning "fornication," yet this is wholly different from the original meaning! This PORNOI, being the only inner sin, causes the other behaviors to occur. [The people translating this into Latin were klippothic themselves - and notably woman haters. They were sick men that often flagellated themselves or did other twisted things to themselves.]

In the Old Testament, the word "fornication" means: 1. Worshiping any false god (see above); 2. Sodomy, any unnatural sexual act not necessarily a homosexual one; 3. Incest, which is overall bad breeding; and 4. Adultery, literally to mix up and make not pure - referring to mating. In Latin, Epithymesai is translated "Concupiscentia," which in English gets translated into the word "whore" meaning male or female prostitute, selling sex for money. This totally wrong translation obscures the heavy inner meaning. (Matthew 5:28-29 and Matthew 6:22-23) Epithymesai: the word THYMUS is in there. The thymus gland is behind the sternum where the heart chakra is. When "mental sex fetishists" of any kind FOCUS with their left brain (which is connected to RIGHT eye, by the way - Jesus did say the right eye.) on the future-goal (not past memory) of what they wish to do, it FEELS like a pinch in the heart chakra area; in fact, the thymus acts up. When they get "into" the fantasy (we call that a white noise state or ophionic) their eyes glaze over, get cloudy: they are in fact pushing their Kundalini/Logos downward.

St. Paul used our word THANATOS to refer to these people who are ADIKOI. He was a Hellenic Jew well versed in literature - he had to have known that Thanatos was considered the opposite of Zoös in the physical sense, and the opposite of Eros in the higher or "spiritual" sense. Thanatos does not mean dead as in dead/buried. It means dead yet walking around as if alive. They are at war with "WHAT IS." At war with Nature and their own Natures. In Christian thought, this would be their Nature - to BE Thanatos - they ARE that way since the throwing down of the Cosmos. If one is "not right" they can NOT follow the Holy Spirit. [Doctrine: klippoth can’t follow the Tao, they are unable to flow because their Kundalini is blocked up. It is as if they rebel against themselves.] Christian: they have no Logos within them, hence they have no truth in them and hence they have no love in them! Jesus says: "If you have Logos you can not err (sin)." The English from Latin translation twists this to read "If you have Jesus, your flesh will die."  This is a huge twisting of meaning, here, by deceivers who spoke and wrote Latin.

The Seven Deadly Sins:

These are not Scripture.  These Seven Deadly Sins go back to the early history of Christian monasticism; the sins were grouped together as early as the Sixth century by St. Gregory the Great.  A sin was classified as deadly not because it was a legal offense or a moral offense, but because it gave rise to other sins, especially in the manner of a final cause or motivation.  All of these have to be understood on the inner level, and not by some outer superficial means. 

1. GREED: It does not mean that if you need a car to get to work, you want one and work for one and then get one. In fact, a person can have many material things and not be greedy. It is the inner way in which a person WANTS.  Nothing is ever enough, nothing satisfies: "their desires are INFINITE!" They need more and more and strive uphill to gather more and more in order to fill up an empty hole they FEEL within. Despite having a lot of money or material things, they tend to be cheap.

2. SLOTH: Stagnation. A person can lay around all day and not be slothful. By the same token, a person can jog and keep himself busy and BE slothful. Sloth is stagnation, the inability or refusal to change, move on, flow on in life.

3. AVARICE: Malice. A person wanting revenge for a wrong done is not avaricious; the feeling passes away. Avarice means hate-FILLED, always angry, dour, grumpy, malicious. These people do not have a quiet mind. It goes right back to self-hate, an inner thing.  Hate of this kind is inward, it consumes the Self and all joy. 

4. PRIDE: Does not mean that e.g., you are poor and lack an education, and then you improve yourself in practical life and feel good about it, or "proud." Pride is where you WANT, DESIRE to BE something you are unable to be; or you pretend to be this like a Sage on the Stage, which leads to the Will to Lie to yourself and everyone else, again, an inner thing. The prideful person will stubbornly try to do something he is obviously not able to do and fight an uphill battle trying to BE what he is NOT. This leads to him being jealous of anyone else that IS able.

5. JEALOUSY: This is certainly not when you see someone else with something and it gives you a good idea to get one yourself. Far from it. Jealousy goes hand in hand with avarice, greed and pride. Jealousy is simply SELF HATE - no matter what excuses anyone makes for it. It can include a suffocating possessive quality, as if the jealous person imagines he or she can OWN another person. It turns love into love/hate - which is HATE.  It's a hellish state of being where you are never self satisfied, but always comparing yourself to others.

6. GLUTTONY: Almost the same as lust (see below), except it's with food. It's a kind of hunger that stems from the mental obsession with eating more and more, despite the stomach NOT being in need of nourishment. It’s a feeling of "empty stomach" that comes from the mind, not from the stomach.

7. LUST: This has been the most misunderstood, distorted and twisted concept. It doesn’t refer to any natural biological need - this is specifically stated in various places. In fact, in Timothy, Paul states that ANYONE preventing the natural union of male and female, or preaching against it, is a demon! (He also says that anyone preaching not to eat animal meat is a demon!) Lust means the same as epithymesai (see above). That's when the genitals are NOT in demand of sexual union, testicles are not filled with sperm, women is not ovulating.  [Doctrine: there is no full orgasmic RELEASE (of Kundalini) with mental sex (and some people can feel the difference!)]  Also implied in Christianity is that these people who do "mental lust" somehow, on some level, know something is "wrong" with them. Paul states that, for some reason, the greatest pleasure such mental-sex types have is in coercing someone not like them, to become like them, the "try it, you'll like it" types. Like when people who might be very tolerant, but just not interested, get the "lifestyles and fetishes" of people into that kind of thing, thrown in their faces, inserted into every topic.  Interesting!


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