EOD 23 - V.A.D. YAN

EOD stands for Esoteric Order of Dagon

23 and much more is explained inside the site.

What does V.A.D. stand for? It has more than one meaning.

1. Vidya, Atman, Dama: science/wisdom; soul/self; control of body and senses. Basically: "The Wisdom of Self Control."

2. Vision, Acceptance, Diligence.

3. Yan is Yin and Yang combined. Yadyan

4. In the native language we speak: Vugtlagln Aiih-cf'ayagh-ngwa Dho-hna. That means: "In friendship I come forth, a being and force who defines and lends significance to its recepticle, thereby giving it meaning bestowed retroactively by forms as yet unachieved, but implicit.

Sha  me-en-den.  Gesh-toog  me-en-den.  Zee  me-en-den.
Oo-kush-ta   me-ool-lee-a   ba-ab-tum-mu-de-en.

We are heart. We are mind. We are spirit.
From the raging storm we bring the power of the primeval one.
(ShakShakhmayev, Sergey. Tatar-English / English-Tatar Concise Dictionary. New
York: Hippocrene Books Inc., 1994.
We are part of a group of organizations, previously secretive, that have decided to unite and go public. We are all currently connected to the Esoteric Order of Dagon. All species are welcome.