The Divisions of 'The You'

Esoteric Teachings of the Yuggya Collective

From Y'hna-uth-yg, Lama to the Tcho Tcho and others in Leng.

This is especially important to forms of Magick we practice and teach. Many people speak of the Self, and some perceive the Self rightly as the whole person, not just the brain, or part of the brain called the Ego or conscious mind, but the whole person. They are correct.

However, there is more to the whole "you" than most think. Especially when learning Magickal Techniques, it is important to be very specific. Magick is like chemistry. One wrong ingredient and you can blow yourself up.

This is how we specifically divide the "Whole You" into parts, much as one might divide the whole body into parts, such as feet, hands, legs, knees, arms, elbows, etc. While hands and elbows are parts of the arm, the arm or elbow is not the hand. While feet and knees are part of the legs, the leg or knee is not the foot. And so forth. It is important to distinguish between these parts of the whole you when doing Magick.

1. Your Physical Self: by that we mean the entirety of the physical body, instinct as the foundation senses and logic - the entirety of it without chopping it up into separate parts. It is mortal as a whole (despite the fact that energy and matter can not be destroyed). It can die. It's the you that is your living and life's environment, memories, life experiences and everything that shaped who you became right here and now.

2. Your Shadow or Extension Self: the material extensions of the Physical Self in all dimensions, sometimes not seen or felt. The Shadow/Extension Self exists as long as the physical person exists. It's how you might get the idea that a rock or plant is somehow connected to you in some way. On some higher dimension, it is.

3. Your Biological Self: The Physical Self's genetic, evolutionary history. It carries forth physical ancestral memories and traits from the primal and physical evolutionary beginning. It's your genetic self.

4. Your Instinct: primal animal instincts from the evolutionary source, it's the foundation of your physical being, that which underlies what the senses seek and what the logic works out for survival. Often, you have to use logic to control your instincts and emotions, so there is a bit of a difference that people can experience.

5. Your Soul or Spirit: composed of two parts, one is Astral and one is Essential.

a. Astral: part of the Soul or Spirit, the non-essential Self. It can be apart from the physical, but it's quasi-material and quasi-dimensioned. It can more or less take on form if it projects away from the physical body. That's Astral Projection. If someone sees you, you have taken on quite a bit of form. Despite these attributes, it is more connected to the Essence than to the body. Sometimes, after the person dies, the Astral refuses to let go and separate from the Essence. That prevents the Essence from moving on.

b. Essence - a part of the Soul or Spirit, the essential Self. It is immortal and immaterial, it is UNdimensioned It is this that reincarnates seemingly in different places and times. It's actually in all those places and times at the same time. This is connected to the ring a person has - and the globe is all of the many lives.

6. Transfinite: a thing/place that is apart from your essential Self and yet joined to it, both, since the Essential Self can bypass this. It is where all things of the cosmos meet, it is the Transfinite "place" or the Nothing/All - it is the boundary where the Three Gates are here/not-here. It is the center where ALL polydimensional things meet and are joined as if there is no space/time making everything appear divided up. The boundary of where the Three Gates are here and not-here is the boundary between not-void and Void.

7.Your Source: The pre-cosmic source of all Essences. One of the Seven "Forms" that came from the Light that was in Darkness/Void, or something else related, a mixing of two, etc.

Think of it this way: you have more than one history. 1. your human life history from the day you were born into a family. 2. your evolutionary genealogy. 3. your atomic matter cosmic history. 4. your essential source history.

The Void is actually the source of everything, the Void and the Flame within it. Kundalini is that flame itself, it is IN you, yet it IS also you, your own Essence. Kundalini is in your body and NOT in your body. It comes into you from the Void and travels up and out of you as a kind of Light, and it then goes back into the Void.

The Void is not in space/time. It's before space/time, before the cosmos, and it's One despite the fact that all that exists came from It. There was an Adept named Crowley that was shown that you only exist in order to let the Flame in from the Void, let it flow through your matter, and let it return to the Void from whence it came. He also was shown and understood that if you asked "Why?" you'd get lost in "Because." That is, you'd tend to get lost in the Grand Illusion. That this happens with the Kundalini Flame coming out of the Void to return to the Void, is the Whole of THE Law.

Try to hold this Flame back from returning to the Void and you are in for a hellish life of inner angst and misery with no chance for any kind of Enlightenment or even common logic. Do it enough, refuse to let go, and you can lose that Flame. Once that's gone, it's gone. It doesn't mean the person dies either, which is very odd. Such husks are known in a few occult traditions. We know them as Preta. They threw out their own Flame due to their own desires. Then they set about to wage a spiritual war against those that have the Flame, as if to take it from them. They can take it from you if you let them, but they can never gain it for themselves. They still remain Preta. They gain nothing. They always seem to quest for enlightenment, but never look beyond themselves for it, as if they are doomed to perpetually navel-gaze.

By understanding this about the Flame and the Void, the statement, "Do as Thou Wilt is the Whole of the Law," takes on new meaning, or I should say that it is correctly explained. "Thou" refers to the Essential Self, not to the tiny part of the brain called the conscious mind. The True Will is the Essential Self's Ultimate Will, which is One with the Void. And indeed, in that sense, the "Thou" is also One with the Void itself - and that is most definitely the Whole of the Law!

However, while we are here, there is no harm in exploring various Magickal techniques. Doing this is much like investigating archaeology or studying biology or chemistry or physics or astronomy in order to gain Knowledge. Magick is only dangerous to fools - by the same token an archaeologist can be so clumsy that he falls off a cliff, a biologist or chemist so clumsy that they poison themselves or blow themselves up, a physicist can get into an accident or an astronomer can be so unmindful that a large telescope falls on his head.